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TODAY IS: Wednesday September 17, 2014
Weare summer Market Contoocook summer market At the farm Contoocook Winter Market Weare Winter Market
ORDER BY:    Thursday,  September 18, 2014  - 5:00 PM

PICK UP:        Friday,  September 19, 2014,  - 3-6pm at the gazebo next to the school

LOCATION:    Weare summer Market

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ORDER BY:    Thursday,  September 18, 2014  - 11:00 PM

PICK UP:        Saturday,  September 20, 2014,  - 9-12 at the Train Depot

LOCATION:    Contoocook summer market

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ORDER BY:    Monday,  September 22, 2014  - 10:00 PM

PICK UP:        Wednesday,  September 24, 2014,  - Call to confirm pick up

LOCATION:    At the farm

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ORDER BY:    Thursday,  October 23, 2014  - 10:00 PM

PICK UP:        Saturday,  October 25, 2014,  - 10-1pm Hopkinton Town Hall

LOCATION:    Contoocook Winter Market

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ORDER BY:    Wednesday,  October 29, 2014  - 11:00 PM

PICK UP:        Friday,  October 31, 2014,  - pick up 4-6:30 PM old town hall

LOCATION:    Weare Winter Market

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Webster Ridge Farm

Webster Ridge Farm
Contact Information

Brandon and Mary Sussman

Don't forget to order you Christmas Roasts for 2014!

Call for current price on bulk purchases

What is your holiday roast tradition? Beef or Pork? Rib Roasts in either are available to order.

Gift Baskets available

Need a tasty gift for
a holiday party or a gift basket?
Try our diverse selection of Condiments, Preserves.

At Webster Ridge, we like to eat good food as much as you do!

If you have questions about anything we do, say or sell, ask us - you will get a straight answer!

A full line of beef, pork, lamb, all naturally raised and processed.All meat is USDA inspected, vacuum packed and frozen.

Mid September 2014 We will be processing Whole chickens. If you want your Chicken split or cut up you need to order ahead, no later than September 15th. You need to make a $10 deposit to assure you get the chicken you want, the way you want it.The Chicken is $4.85 a lb. You can pick up the chicken unfrozen on the processing day ,but after that any delivery or pick up the chicken will be frozen.

We offer a variety of jam,jelly,preserves,fruit pastes,marmalade,chutney,pickles, relish,sauces and fruit syrups to tempt your palate.

We cater to folks who are very demanding with regard to quality and creative when it comes to cut and preparation. We take the time to get the best cuts for making stock and work with you on custom cuts when you want that special roast or other item.

Webster Ridge Farm
9463 Gift Certificates Gift Certificate Gift Certificate, WRF 100D Webster Ridge Farm each 100.00
9460 Gift Certificates Gift Certificate Gift Certificate, WRF 25A Webster Ridge Farm each 25.00
9461 Gift Certificates Gift Certificate Gift Certificate, WRF 50B Webster Ridge Farm each 50.00
9462 Gift Certificates Gift Certificate Gift Certificate, WRF 75C Webster Ridge Farm each 75.00
4762 Meat Beef Bulk - Side Webster Ridge Farm Deposit 100.00
4763 Meat Beef Bulk - Split Quarter Webster Ridge Farm Deposit 100.00
5188 Meat Beef Chuck London Broil Webster Ridge Farm lb 8.00 *
4653 Meat Beef Custom Deposit Webster Ridge Farm Deposit 1.00
4661 Meat Beef Kabobs Webster Ridge Farm lb 10.20 *
4617 Meat Beef Mostly Grass Fed Ground Beef Webster Ridge Farm 7.45 *
6077 Meat Beef oxtail Webster Ridge Farm lb 7.45 *
4660 Meat Beef Roast - Chuck(bone in) Webster Ridge Farm lb 8.65 *
4644 Meat Beef Roast - Eye Round Webster Ridge Farm lb 12.10 *
4633 Meat Beef Roast - Pre-order Standing Rib Webster Ridge Farm Deposit 14.10 *
9628 Meat Beef Roast, top round Webster Ridge Farm lb 12.50 *
14491 Meat Beef Roast, Boneless Chuck Webster Ridge Farm lb 9.50 *
4636 Meat Beef Shin/Shank For Braising Webster Ridge Farm lb 6.90 *
4635 Meat Beef Short Ribs - Oriental/Flanken Style Webster Ridge Farm lb 7.75 *
4643 Meat Beef Steak - Porterhouse Webster Ridge Farm lb 17.00 *
4658 Meat Beef Steak - Sirloin Webster Ridge Farm lb 13.75 *
4642 Meat Beef Steak - T-Bone Webster Ridge Farm lb 16.00 *