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Warner River Produce

Market Yellow Flowers

Warner River is a producer of Spring Flower, Herb and Veggie Transplants, Seasonal Mixed Vegetables, Medicinal and Culinary Herbs, Ginger, Shiitake Mushrooms, Tree Fruit and Berries. We also offer raw honey and eggs.

Warner River gave up the organic certified designation. However, we are still very committed to organics and we meet or exceed the organic growing standards. We simply cannot describe our products as "organic".

Warner River Basils this year. These basils and lots of other herbs will be available at the Weare, Contoocook, Penacook, 18 Foundry St, Canterbury, Danbury Mkts and at the farm stand. Visit us at Herb and Garden Day at the Audubon Center in Concord Date TBD from 9am to 5pm. Place on-line orders at https://harvesttomarket.com/farmers-market/Herb-zandz-Garden-Day-Market-Fair

Tusli (Holy Basil) Cultivars
There are 5 Tulsi (holy basil) cultivars:

Krishna Tulsi
Rama Tulsi
Amrita Tulsi
Kapoor Tulsi

Warner River has actually grown all five this year and they are currently being hardened off. Some varieties are very hard to germinate. Amrita is one , so there are fewer plants. Vana, generally very easy to germinate, we not so this year, so we have about 15 plants.

We also have African Blue Basil in 3.5” pots. African blue basil (Ocimum kilimandscharicum × basilicum ‘Dark Opal’) is one of a few types of basil that is perennial. It is a sterile hybrid of two other breeds of basil, unable to produce seeds of its own, and is propagated by cuttings. ABB attracts MANY beneficial insects! It is a highly desirable beneficial insect attractant because it blooms profusely like an annual, but being sterile can never go to seed. It's also taller and wider than many basil cultivars. We plant them at the beginning, middle and end of each row in our high tunnels and the field.

We have an East African Basil - Mrihani - that scents more Italian than Genovese and it has very interesting ruffled and ridged leaves.

We, finally, have many Genovese and Aroma II Italian basils in 4pks and 3.5” pots.

What follows is a description of the Tulsi Holy Basils

Analysis of Tulsi cultivars

In the late summer of 2014 Horizon Herbs undertook a sampling of 5 cultivars of tulsi in order to quantify the relative concentration of two of the main active compounds that are found in the plant. They picked the herbs in early flowering stage and carefully cleaned the samples of stem, then subjected them to analysis for content of Eugenol (responsible for the characteristic "clove" scent of good Tulsi) and Rosmarinic Acid (a caffeic acid ester that is partially responsible for the antioxidant and anxiolytic activity of good Tulsi). This was a "snapshot" analysis, because good scientific method would call for repeating the test throughout the growth cycle of the plants, but HH did not have the resources to repeat the test. The eugenol content of Tulsi tends to be higher before flowering, and the rosmarinic acid content tends to be higher when the plant is in full flower to seed stage. This is why They were careful to balance the sampling so that all the types were in the same early flowering stage at sampling. Both Eugenol and Rosmarinic acid are expressed as dried wt in mg/g.

Here are the results:

Krishna Tulsi: 4.90 Eugenol, 10.47 Rosmarinic Acid
Rama Tulsi: 5.60 Eugenol, 5.15 Rosmarinic Acid
Amrita Tulsi: 0.42 Eugenol, 11.27 Rosmarinic Acid
VanaTulsi: 8.89 Eugenol, 3.51 Rosmarinic Acid
Kapoor Tulsi: 0.74 Eugenol, 5.53 Rosmarinic Acid

Discussion: The results seem to support the common opinion that "Krishna" is the strongest medicine. However, in a previous test some years ago, "Rama" came out on top. They had a particular interest in seeing the results for "Vana" because it turns out to be the highest yielding in terms of leaf weight. This test seems to support the validity of using "Vana" interchangeably with the other cultivars, which is consistent with the traditional use of "Vana" as an admixture to tulsi tea blend. They were also very interested in seeing the numbers for "Kapoor" because it is not clear where this plant originated--it is not common in India and is very common in the United States. The results seem to indicate that "kapoor" is a valid Tulsi cultivar although it may be somewhat weaker medicine than the other types.

Tulsi, Kapoor -- Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum)
(Kapoor Tulsi). Kapoor is the best Holy Basil for temperate gardens. Acts like an annual, and is even known to self-seed in temperate climate. Highly aromatic plant of the Ayurvedic tradition. Adaptogenic, immune enhancing, antifungal and antibacterial. Eat one fresh leaf daily, or pick the leaves and flowers and dry them and make the tea. Kapoor is easiest of all tulsi types to grow in temperate gardens and is highly aromatic. Kapoor has been grown in the US for about 30 years. It has been grown in India since ancient times. If the central leader runs right up to flower, pinch it back to encourage bushy growth.

Tulsi, Amrita -- Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum)
(Rama Tulsi from Amritapuri) "Amrita" is sanskrit for "immortality" and is sometimes translated as "nectar." Thus "nectar of immortality."Similar to our standard "Rama Tulsi," this cultivar has a more purple in the leaves, creating a dense bush that may be brought indoors for overwintering. Amrita has a lighter aroma (less eugenol) than many, and it tests very high for the antianxiety compound rosmarinic acid. Drinking tulsi tea in the morning is a fantastic way to help you cope with stress, whether environmental or internal, which may arise during the day.

Tulsi, Krishna -- Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum)
(KrishnaTulsi, Purple Tulsi, Shyam Tulsi) Krishna tulsi bears leaves that are mottled green and purple, more intensely purple as plants mature. This variety is relatively rare in India and is highly esteemed. Drinking tulsi tea in the morning is a fantastic way to help you cope with stress, whether environmental or internal, which may arise during the day.

Tulsi, Rama -- Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum)
(Rama tulsi, Holy Basil) Family: Mint (Lamiaceae). Much esteemed basil of warm climates. Purple stemmed. Highly aromatic plant of the Ayurvedic tradition. Horizon Herbs has tested all varieties and found this one to be highest in medicinal compounds. Adaptogenic, antifungal, antibacterial and immune enhancing. Does well in pots. If you live in the temperate north, grow as an annual or bring indoors for the winter. Plant prefers full sun, fertile soil, and regular watering.

Tulsi, Vana (Ocimum gratissimum)
(Vana Tulsi, Clove Basil, Vantulasi, Holy Basil). Perennial bush basil native to India and East Africa. Protect from frost. This is the wild form that is very high in eugenol (oil of clove). Vana tulsi is a great adaptogen from the Ayurvedic tradition. The plant is handsome and aromatic, slightly hairy, green-leaved. As a garden grown tea herb, it weighs up heavily and may be used by itself or blended with leaves of other types of tulsi.

We grow many Asian, heirloom and European vegetable and greens varieties.

We grow and sell year round and sell at 7 summer and 5 winter markets and a summer farm stand.

Warner River offers bulk purchase of winter storage crops.

We offer a Farmers Market CSA - drop in at any summer, winter market or event that we are at and pick the items and quantities you want. Available for winter and summer markets, renew anytime, no time limit, always a 10% discount when renewing.

Full -- Pay $450 -- Receive $500
Half -- Pay $225 -- Receive $250
Single -- Pay $113 -- Receive $125

Partial listing of our products:

Apples, Asian pears, peaches, plums, pears, asparagus, many different Asian greens, beans of all sorts (gourmet Italian Borlotto shell and baby filet green), beets, broccoli, cabbage (green, red, round and pointed), carrots (all colors), celery, celaric, chards, collards, cucumbers (picklers, slicers, English and Japanese), eggplants, herbs (holy and culinary basils, calendula, herbs de Provence, kitty nirvana catnip, chives, nasturtiums, oregano, sages, thymes, tarragon, verbena, kales, leeks, onions, sweet green and mixed colored bell peppers, hot peppers (mild to scary), rhubarb, Shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, summer and winter squashes.

Transplant availability (spring partial listing):

3.5-4" pots: Kitty Nirvana Catnip, rosemary, garden, and lemon thyme, Basils (Italian, Tulsi, African Blue, Mrihani), French tarragon, garden, broad leafed (Berggarten) and white sages, Chinese herbs (Gansu Rhubarb and Gotu Kola), Lemon grass, oregano, lemon verbena, calendula, Swiss chard, Roma tomatoes, curled and Italian parsley. Sweet peppers: green, red, yellow and orange bell peppers, Carmen, Atris and Aruba Sweet red peppers. Hot peppers (hot Portugal, African bird (piri piri), Xao Mi La, jalapeno, super chili, Serrano, Pasilla and paprika).

We also have 6 and 4 packs of various tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, butternut, delicata, watermelon and cucumber (slicers, pickle, English and oriental).

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Spring Transplants

Check our inventory of spring herb, flower an vegetable transplants

Farmers Market CSA and Farmers Markets

Shares available:

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Summer Markets:

Mondays - Penacook - 4:30-6:30

Mondays - 18 Foundry St, Concord Hospital Rehabilitation Services Lobby 11-2:30 pm (Concord, NH)

Wednesdays - Canterbury - 4-6:30 pm

Fridays - Weare - Center Park, 3-6 pm

Saturdays - Contoocook - Train Depot, 9:00-Noon

Farm Stand - Boulder Farm (202/9 and Jewett Rd in Hopkinton), 7 days, 3-6 pm

Winter Markets:

Mondays - 18 Foundry St, Concord Hospital Rehabilitation Services Lobby 11-2:30 pm (Concord, NH)

Fridays - TBD - 4-6 pm (Weare, NH)

Saturdays - Hopkinton Town Hall - 10 am - 1 pm (Hopkinton, NH)

Saturdays - Danbury - 1st Saturday Nov -Apr, 9-1pm, On the 3rd Saturday, we offer a "by order only" market... order from vendors and pickup up at the grange hall, 15 North Road in Danbury.
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16680 Peppers Chili Powder - Dried Warner River Produce 10 gr 3.00
23039 Peppers Roasted Red Chili Powder Warner River Produce 10 gr 3.00
8268 Tomatoes Dried Plum and Cherry Tomatoes Warner River Produce 54 gr 3.00
24352 Tomatoes Italian Plum Tomatoes - Dried Warner River Produce 54 gr 3.00
9954 Chicken Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs Warner River Produce dozen 4.50
9611 Apples Empire Warner River Produce lb 3.00
4141 Apples Honey Crisp Warner River Produce lb 3.00
5247 Basil Italian, dried Warner River Produce 10 gr 3.00
23083 Basil Krishna Tulsi Holy Basil Dried Warner River Produce 10 gr 3.00
5453 Basil Rama -Tulsi Basil - Dried Warner River Produce 10 gr 3.00
16676 Basil Vana - Tulsi Basil - Dried Warner River Produce 10 gr 3.00
9427 Catnip Kitty Nirvana Catnip Warner River Produce 14 gr 3.00
21237 Herb Blends All Purpose Blend Warner River Produce 14 gr 3.00
21236 Herb Blends Cajun Blend Warner River Produce 14 gr 3.00
16806 Herb Blends Grilling Blend Warner River Produce 13 gr 3.00
9786 Herb Blends Herbes de Provence Warner River Produce 24 gr 5.50
9823 Herb Blends Italian Blend Warner River Produce 15 gr 3.00
16807 Herb Blends Mediterranean Seasoning Warner River Produce 13 gr 3.00
16678 Lavender Lavandin Flowers - Dried Warner River Produce 10 gr 4.00
16679 Marjoram Marjoram - Dried Warner River Produce 7 gr 3.00
9825 Oregano Oregano Dried Warner River Produce 9 gr 3.00
7750 Other Lemon Grass - Dried Warner River Produce 15 gr 3.00
13389 Paprika Paprika - Dried Warner River Produce 10 gr 3.00
9824 Rosemary Rosemary - Dried Warner River Produce 24 gr 1.50
4926 Sage Narrow Leafed Sage, Dried Warner River Produce 12 gr 3.00
16677 Tarragon Fr Tarragon - Dried Warner River Produce 10 gr 3.00
4933 Thyme Garden Thyme - Dried Warner River Produce 10 gr 3.00
13387 Shiitake Dried Shiitake Warner River Produce 21 gr 3.00
24348 Frozen Items Blueberries Warner River Produce Pint 5.50
24349 Frozen Items Blueberries Warner River Produce 2 pints 11.00
24351 Frozen Items Plum Tomatoes - Frozen Warner River Produce 1 lb. 3.50
24350 Frozen Items Strawberries - Frozen Warner River Produce Quart 7.50
4883 Honey Raw Wildflower Honey 1 Pint Warner River Produce 19+ oz 14.00
13501 Honey Raw Wildflower Honey 1/2 pint Warner River Produce 9 oz 7.50
24344 Honey Raw Wildflower Honey 1/8 Pint Warner River Produce 1/8 pint jar 4.00
16697 Beans - Dry Flageolet Warner River Produce 1 lb pkg 6.50
24353 Beans - Dry Navy Beans Warner River Produce 1 lb pkg 6.50