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Crown O’ Maine Organic Cooperative (COMOC) brings you the goodness of things Maine grown, gathered, and produced.

Dedicated to serving Maine since 1995, Crown O’ Maine distributes locally grown produce across the length and breadth of Maine. COMOC welcomes your buying club, restaurant, or neighborhood retail establishment to our growing collection of foods produced by your local farmers, fishermen, and artisans.

We believe that Maine is a place where communities can and do work together. Our vision looks to ways we can strengthen and improve our inter-connectedness. Over the last ten years we have witnessed and received much love and support from the Maine community for our agricultural efforts.

Our goal now is to improve access to locally grown and produced products by providing a system that enables more participation in this great relationship. Since the Fall of 2006 we have offered an expanded product line regularly delivered to your neighborhood. In recent years we have begun make these deliveries on a weekly basis in many areas.

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You will still have biwweekly opportunities to order with COMOC from their completel availability list.


20976 Butter Kate's Butter, salted COMOC Pound 5.90
23301 Butter Kate's Butter, unsalted COMOC Pound 5.90
25323 Cheese Pineland Farms Feta, pre-cut COMOC 1/2 lb. 5.50
23302 Cheese Sonnental Dairy: Asiago (raw) COMOC ~3/4# 8.00
23304 Cheese Sonnental Dairy: Mild Cheddar (raw) COMOC ~3/4# 8.00
23305 Cheese Sonnental Dairy: Pepper jack (raw) COMOC ~3/4# 8.00
22606 Cream Cream from Houlton Dairy COMOC pint 4.00
22003 Chicken Chicken Eggs COMOC dozen 4.20
22084 Apples Paula Red Apples, IPM COMOC lb 2.50
17004 Blueberries 5# Frozen Blueberries, org COMOC 5 lb 35.00
25829 Melons Cantaloupe, org *order by each COMOC per lb 2.00
22571 Pears Pears, ipm COMOC 20# case 46.80
15433 Watermelon Watermelon, org (order by each) COMOC per lb 1.00
15207 Grains and Flours Corn Meal, org COMOC 5# Bags 18.79
13667 Grains and Flours Rolled Oats COMOC 4# bags 0.00
15208 Grains and Flours Sifted Whole Wheat Flour COMOC 5# Bags 13.29
26011 Grains and Flours Spelt Flour COMOC 2 pound bags 8.00
22263 Mixes for Baking & Breakfasts & more Ployes Mix (3#) COMOC 3 lb. Bag 9.30
23371 Soy Products Tofu, org COMOC 1 lb. 4.00
19159 Jams Jellies Butters & Spreads Raspberry Preserves COMOC Pint 6.50
25783 Jams Jellies Butters & Spreads Strawberry Preserves COMOC 19 oz 6.50
19155 Vegetables Kimchi- Hot, org COMOC Pint 9.00
19157 Vegetables Sauerkraut, org COMOC Pint 9.00
15884 Cabbage Green Cabbage, order by head COMOC per lb 1.50
13773 Cabbage Green Cabbages ORG (order by each) COMOC lb 2.00
13518 Carrots Carrots ORG COMOC lb 3.00
15333 Corn Sweet Corn, Low Spray COMOC 1/2 dozen 6.00
22658 Lettuce Green Leaf Lettuce Heads, org COMOC Head 3.00
16140 Squash - Winter Acorn Squash, order by each, ORG COMOC per lb 2.00
21931 Tomatoes Heirloom Tomatoes COMOC lb 5.00