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Garden Side Dairy

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Garden Side Dairy is a goat dairy operated by Kim Roos since 2002! We became Washington County’s second state licensed cheese facility in 2008! Since our early years we have grown from 4 goats on a small piece of Jonesboro property to somewhere around 40 goats on Hatch Knoll Farm, a historic Jonesboro Farm. All of the members of the Roos family play a huge role in the dairy as well as Hatch Knoll Farm’s existing berry fields and our beloved produce gardens. Many things change with growth however some things will always remain familiar and constant like our commitment to good local quality food! We milk our herd 2 times a day, our work day starts between 5 and 6am, depending on the season, we go from collecting the day’s fresh milk directly into the cheese kitchen where we process it into our many cheeses! This year we expect to be feeding 70 baby goats the milk from their Mama’s because that is what will make those babies grow into future milkers! “Kidding” season is always stressful and filled with tears, laughter, triumphs and failures-often all in one day! My biggest happiness is meeting a “new” girl on the milk stand and knowing her mom and her grand mom so intimately as a long time milker and friend. Very often attending all our future milkers births! Last year I had to say good bye to a long term milker Silkie, who passed away after our first ever emergency c-section but I have been milking her legacy’s faithfully and have met more of her granddaughters as they breathe their first breath filled with cool barn air! We still have April and May both 12 this spring. These two will remain our herd matriarchs until they decide to leave it to the younger generations! Much like me in a way-here enjoying farming for a long while to come then maybe the younger generation might be able to take over! We love what we do and take pride in our business and our integrity and hope you taste that in our food!
The last 14 months have seen us add two Jersey cows to our heard. This has been an amazing experience for all of us and for the most part we still love goats more! We also have made a conscious decision to go back to some of our earliest ideas and ideals. We are always looking at the big picture and every year we re-evaluate our existence, our commitment and the boundaries of legalities we must exist within. This year we step away from labels and follow a desire to step closer to our vision of a sustainable holistically managed existence where we make decisions that we feel are good for long term health and survival of us and our farm. As always our animals are never treated with anything except tender loving care our plants are never sprayed with anything harmful to our children or our land. The food I am committed to grow will always be the best food I can grow using the natural resources I have. We hope you will trust us in our judgments as we continue to produce the best foods we can using age old wisdom, common sense and a desire to do good for each of us and our land as a hole!
Our plans for 2014 & 2015 include raising a small flock of holiday turkeys, small flock of meat birds, expanding our ever growing goat herd and finding amazing new ways to use our property! Stay tuned!

Please Note State law requires that all cheeses MUST be heat treated (145 degrees for 30 min); unless aged for 60 days. Any of our RAW cheeses are aged for a minimum of 60 days.

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