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Today Is Thursday, October 18, 2018
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Big Picture Beef

Big Picture Beef aims to establish a model for producing 100% grass-fed beef that will revive the Northeast rural economy.

Our goal is not only to produce local, delicious, healthy beef, but also to rejuvenate farmland and return a fair price to farmers. We plan to expand the market opportunity for our Northeast partner farms and significantly increase the number of 100% grass-fed beef produced and sold in the region.

Our plan for grass-fed beef in the Northeast developed from the facts on the ground:

*The Northeast has good soil – rocky, yes, but great for grazing.
*Unlike the West, we are blessed with abundant rainfall for growing grass.
*Many family farmers here are already raising beef calves, but also have day jobs and are challenged by marketing.
*Not far from our region’s farms, we have densely populated urban areas where the demand for local, 100% grass-fed beef is growing rapidly.

But Northeast beef producers – until now – have found limited outlets for their grass-fed beef because wholesale markets (stores, institutions, and restaurants) need large volumes of meat that is consistently high-quality: that is, safe, tasty, and tender. Cooperatives that draw from a number of small livestock operations - each with its own breeds and farm practices - struggle to provide the volume and consistent quality that wholesale buyers demand.

Our program addresses this problem in several ways:

(1) We recruit Northeast farmers who are committed to raising grass-fed calves according to our standards and protocol.

(2) We provide these partnering farmers with the technical support needed to supply wholesale markets with consistent, high-quality beef.

(3) Finally, because finishing (fattening) cattle for market on pasture requires not only skill but also more time than many farmers have, we aggregate the young stock from our partner farms onto our finishing farms (also in the Northeast), where skilled graziers fatten these larger herds on pasture. This mimics the way the buffalo grazed the Great Plains, which resulted in deep, fertile topsoil.

We are proud to have developed a model for producing 100% grass-fed beef that ensures consistent high quality to wholesale customers throughout the Northeast.

Big Picture BeefContact Information

PO Bos 225
Hardwick, MA 01037

Product Offerings

100% grass-fed ground beef, 10#

26027 Beef *SALE PRICE* Ground, 100% grass-fed, frozen Big Picture Beef 10 lb 53.00
26026 Beef *SALE PRICE* Ground, 100% grass-fed, frozen, BULK DISCOUNT Big Picture Beef 100 lb 495.00