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Today Is Thursday, September 20, 2018
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New Dawn Farm


New Dawn Farm is a newly established farm located in Westmoreland, New Hampshire. We produce a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and cut flowers.

We follow strict standards to ensure the safety of our members, our workers, and our produce. We are careful to replace all the nutrients we take from the soil and then some. While we are not certified organic, in many cases our practices go beyond what organic growers must do. We do not use sprays or synthetic fertilizers. We have received a Pollinator grant, with which we grow hundreds of flowering plants to provide habitat and forage for our precious pollinator insects.

New Dawn Farm is located on ten acres of prime farm land, and currently have two acres in production. The owners Bill Hatt and Clai Lasher-Sommers are grateful to be farming on the same land that Bill's grandparents and parents before him owned. The farm currently produces a wide range of vegetables, herbs, cut flowers, and some fruit.

By supporting our farm, you are supporting food justice, as we work to deliver fresh weekly produce to our local food pantry, Joan's, in Chesterfield.

New Dawn Farm

New Dawn FarmContact Information

373 Spofford Rd.
PO Box 142
Westmoreland, NH 03467

[email protected]



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23272 Lavender New Dawn Farm bunch 3.50
25205 Lemon Balm bunch New Dawn Farm 2 oz. 2.00
21609 Mints A mix of the day's best mint sprigs New Dawn Farm 3 oz bunch 2.00
21610 Oregano 1 oz bunch New Dawn Farm 1 ounce 2.50
18378 Parsley Flat leaf New Dawn Farm Bunch 2.00
25505 Sage New Dawn Farm 1 lb 16.50
25204 Sage Bergamot variety - more floral than our other sage New Dawn Farm 1 oz 3.00
21720 Sage bunch New Dawn Farm 1 oz 1.50
18297 Kale Green Curly New Dawn Farm Bunch 1.50
18430 Kale Lacinato New Dawn Farm Bunch 2.00
18429 Kale Red Curly New Dawn Farm Bunch 2.00
22547 Onions Yellow Storage New Dawn Farm lb 1.50
18569 Peppers Carmen Sweet- Mixed Colors New Dawn Farm lb 1.50
21920 Produce Bag KHBC ONLY: Big Bag (2 greens, 2 bunch veggies, 1 herb, 1 w. squash, 1 cabbage, 3 specialty items New Dawn Farm each 20.00
21921 Produce Bag KHBC ONLY: Medium Bag (2 Greens, 1 bunched veggie, 3 specialty items) New Dawn Farm each 12.00
21922 Produce Bag KHBC ONLY: Small Bag (1 Green, 3 Specialty Items) New Dawn Farm each 8.00
22650 Produce Bag small bag New Dawn Farm each 8.00
18623 Squash - Winter Spaghetti Squash New Dawn Farm lb 2.00
21919 Mixed Farm Bouquet A fresh mix of the day's best blooms New Dawn Farm bouquets without jars 4.50
22024 Mixed Farm Bouquet A fresh mix of the day's best blooms New Dawn Farm bouquets with jars (MM Return) 4.50
18721 Other Zinnias New Dawn Farm 10 ct stems in jar 7.00
25935 Lavender New Dawn Farm 3.5" Pot 5.00