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Today Is Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Peaslee's Potatoes

Russett Potatoes

Peaslee’s Vermont Potatoes® has been a vital part of the working landscape of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom ever since Fred and Gertrude Peaslee founded the farm in 1928. Located in Guildhall Vermont, Peaslee’s Vermont Potatoes® was founded on the strong family traditions and community values that make the North Country so special.

Those traditions were passed down to their son, Bert Peaslee, when he became manager of the farm after his father passed away in 1950. Bert knew that more knowledge about his family business was necessary to make Peaslee’s Potatoes a better company to reach a wider consumer base with our quality products. At the age of seventeen, Bert went to the University of Maine and received his degree. Bert successfully ran the family farm for 50 years, growing a variety of crops along with our potatoes for sale, until his passing in 1999. Those strong family traditions that were integral in running Peaslee’s Vermont Potatoes® in 1928 are still adhered to today. Bert’s wife Janice is the proud owner of the family farm, and their daughter Karen manages the business and day-to-day operations of our third-generation family farm to ensure we will continue to provide our community with Peaslee’s Vermont Potatoes® for years to come.

We at Peaslee’s Vermont Potatoes® believe that it is important not only to provide a great product, but to also give back to the Northeast Kingdom that has loyally supported us for 86 years. We work closely with several non-profit organizations, including Stable Connections® , Salvation Farms, and Hope on the Rise, these organizations provide assistance to people all over northern New England. To find out more about either of these great programs, please contact us for additional information.

Today, Peaslee’s Vermont Potatoes® grows three different varieties of potatoes, white, red, and russets, on our 250 acre farm in picturesque Guildhall Vermont. Just as Bert Peaslee knew in 1950 that diversification is necessary for any farm to succeed, we also grow hay and oats for sale. Our potatoes are harvested in early September, and will be available for purchase in stores starting in mid-October, so better hurry out and purchase some while supplies last!

Peaslee's PotatoesContact Information

Karen Guile
[email protected]
PO Box 12
Guildhall, VT 05905

Offerings This Season

Russett potatoes, #1
White potatoes, #1