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Today Is Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Picadilly Farm

Farmers Bruce and Jenny Wooster at Picadilly Farm

Picadilly Farm is a Certified -Organic, Community Supported Agriculture farm in Winchester, NH. Wholesale produce is sometimes available.

Jenny and Bruce Wooster have been growing high quality produce on community and organic farms since the mid 1990’s. In 2006, they moved to Picadilly Farm. The seventy-one acres that comprise Picadilly Farm have been agricultural lands for many generations.

The farm boasts about forty acres of prime agricultural soils, a treasure of the Connecticut River Valley. Each season, we grow produce crops on twenty-six of these acres, soil-building cover crops on nine acres, and permanent conservation, erosion preventing crops on the field edges. There are also several acres of wetlands, eighteen acres of woods, and a stream that winds down to the Connecticut River about half a mile away.

Picadilly Shares

Picadilly FarmContact Information

See www.picadillyfarm.com/

or call Bruce at 603 239 8718.

or email at [email protected]

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18068 Cilantro Organic Cilantro bunches Picadilly Farm 30 bunches 60.00
25938 Beets Organic "Chioggia" heirloom, loose Picadilly Farm 25 # 40.00
2666 Beets Organic Red Loose Picadilly Farm 25 lb 39.00
8075 Carrots Organic, loose Picadilly Farm 25 lb 34.50
8078 Greens Collard Organic collards Picadilly Farm 20 bunches 39.00
15081 Kale Organic Green Curly Kale Picadilly Farm 20 bunches 39.00
19497 Kale Organic Lacinato Picadilly Farm 24 bunch case 45.00
22465 Kale Organic, Red Curly Picadilly Farm 20 bunches 39.00
2670 Potatoes Organic "Satina" gold potatoes Picadilly Farm 25 lb 38.75
2668 Potatoes Organic white potatoes Picadilly Farm 25 lb 37.50