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Today Is Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Stonewall Farm

Market Yellow Flowers

Stonewall Farm was established in 1994 as a non-profit farm with an educational mission. The farm operates a certified organic dairy herd of Holsteins and Brown Swiss cows. Our milk has won awards for its consistently high milk quality and is a designated NH Dairy of Distinction. The milk is mostly sold to Organic Valley but we make an artisan raw milk Gouda cheese at the farm as well as plain, vanilla and maple yogurt (whole milk product). We also grow a variety of vegetables, herbs and cut flowers grown in our fields and greenhouses. We have Pick Your Own gardens and this season we will be growing transplants. Special orders can be taken for produce items as well. We also make maple syrup at the farm in our sugar house. The farm is free and open to the farm year round and is also a great venue to host business events, retreats, weddings, family celebrations, trainings and more!

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Contact 603-357-7278
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vegetables, herbs, cut flowers, cheddar and gouda cheese, plain and vanilla yogurt

Coming Soon ...

maple yogurt
22681 Cheese 5 lb. block of 6 months aged cheddar made with organic raw milk Stonewall Farm 5 lb block 59.00