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Harlow Farm

Farm and Lettuce

Third generation farmer Paul Harlow has been an early pioneer of organic farming in Vermont. Returning to the family farm in 1974 and seeing the changing face of dairy, Paul bought the farm from his father eager to take on a new challenge of growing produce and do it organically.

Since 1985 the entire farm has been certified organic using only biological fertilizers and pesticides and crop rotation processes that are still practiced today, yielding a bounty of vegetables, fruits and berries, poultry, eggs, beef, lamb and pork. Paul’s original farm, Harlow Farm, has become the flagship operation which manages over 150 acres farmed by Paul and his team.

The fertile Connecticut River valley has provided an ideal location to produce high quality organic produce which has been sold locally,
within the New England region, and throughout the eastern US. Harlow Farm grows over 40 crops with over 30 seasonal staff.

Harlow Farm aims to supply high quality, safe and healthy organic food that is affordable and widely available.

Visit us on-line at www.harlowfarm.com

Harlow Farm Stand

Harlow FarmContact Information

Paul Harlow
Route 5, 1/4 mile N of exit 5 off I-91
Westminster, VT 05158
office: (802) 722-9203 f-fax: (802) 722-4211
[email protected]


Sales inquiry: [email protected]

1405 Chicken Free-range, Organic soy-free grain fed. Harlow Farm dozen 5.00
24477 Chicken Free-range, Organic soy-free grain fed. - Bulk Discount - $4.50/dozen Harlow Farm 10 Dozen 45.00
24845 Popcorn Organic Popcorn 1lb. Harlow Farm pound 2.50
24846 Popcorn Organic Popcorn 5lb bag Harlow Farm 5# 10.00
24498 Frozen Items Frozen Raspberries 5lb. Harlow Farm 5 lb 20.00
15146 Frozen Items Organic Broccoli, 2 lb Harlow Farm 2 lb. 6.00
16871 Frozen Items Organic Butternut Squash Harlow Farm 5 # 13.50
13728 Frozen Items Organic Butternut Squash, 10 oz Harlow Farm 10 oz. package 3.60
13725 Frozen Items Organic Chopped Mixed Peppers, 10 oz Harlow Farm 10 ozs. 3.60
22947 Frozen Items Organic Green Peppers 10 oz. Harlow Farm 10 oz. package 3.00
22948 Frozen Items Organic Raspberries 10 oz Harlow Farm 10 oz. package 5.00
1227 Carrots Grade B Organic. Juicing. Harlow Farm 25 lb 14.00
21162 Carrots Organic Grade A Harlow Farm 25 lb 31.00
24450 Carrots Organic Grade A Harlow Farm 5 x 5lb retail bags 27.00
24451 Carrots Organic Grade A Harlow Farm 12 x 2lb retail bags 27.00
1218 Celeriac Organic, trimmed and washed Harlow Farm 18# box 31.00
1236 Potatoes Organic Red Potatoes Harlow Farm 50 lb 60.00
16814 Potatoes Organic red potatoes Harlow Farm 20 lb 26.00
21421 Potatoes Organic White Potatoes Harlow Farm 20 lb 26.00