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Milkweed Farm

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Milkweed FarmContact Information

Jonah Mossberg

8 University Way
Brattleboro, VT


[email protected]

Mixed vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Grown without chemicals or pesticides with a deep commitment to soil health and supporting soil biology.

Milkweed Farm is primarily focused on building soil biology through a commitment to low and no-till organic practices. It is Jonah’s experience that biologically active soils grow healthy plants that are far less likely to be attacked by diseases or pests. Thus, Jonah is dedicated to stewarding the farm’s soil communities by consistently adding organic matter, mineral amendments, and reducing tillage in order to preserve soil structure. A central goal of the farm is to produce high quality, nutrient-dense food while farming in ecological balance with biological, physical, chemical, ancestral and cosmic forces that are at play. While the farm is not certified organic, the practices on the farm adhere to organic principles. No genetically-modified seeds, pesticides, or chemicals are ever used on the field.

Jonah also believes that farming is about more than just producing food and feeding people. Food and farming are lenses through which we can choose to view and interact with many different intersecting issues. Milkweed Farm collaborates with other local farms, donates to local organizations working across many social justice issues, hosts educational groups and workshops, and stands in solidarity with justice based movements across Vermont and beyond. If you have an idea for a collaboration, please be in touch!
25201 Greens Broccoli Rabe Milkweed Farm 12 bunches 30.00
25068 Greens Micro Radish Microgreens Milkweed Farm 1/2 lb 8.00
25173 Greens Micro Spicy Microgreens Mix- Radish, Arugula, Mustard, Kale, Sunflower Milkweed Farm 1/2 lb 8.00
25191 Kale White Russian Kale Milkweed Farm 1 Bunch 3.00
25192 Radishes French Breakfast Radish Milkweed Farm 6 bunch 15.00
25174 Sprouts & Shoots Pea Shoots Milkweed Farm lb 14.00
25087 Sprouts & Shoots Sunflower Microgreens Milkweed Farm 1/2 lb 8.00