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Today Is Monday, July 25, 2016
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Pete's Stand

Pete's Stand

Pete's Stand is a small vegetable farm nestled in the fertile Connecticut River valley of Walpole, New Hampshire. Started by WWII veteran, Pete Janiszyn, the farm is now operated by his son, Mike, and grandson, John. Pete's Stand grows a wide variety of crops and offers fruit grown by other nearby farms. Stop in and visit us on Route 12 in Walpole- we harvest every morning, so you know you are getting truly fresh, healthy produce.

Pete Janiszyn

11502 Green Beans 2.30
11503 Yellow "Wax" 2.30
6612 Bunched red beets with tops 1.44
6609 Sweet crunchy carrots bunched with lovely green tops 1.73
21802 Sweet corn, bi color 3.11
21803 Sweet corn, bi color 1.55
21801 Medium sized slicing cucumbers 0.58
11827 Medium to Large slicing cucumbers 11.50
21665 Pickling cucumbers 1.73
21689 Pickling cucumbers 23.00
11286 Multi-colored"bright lights" swiss chard 1.44
11426 Small kale, loose not bunched 1.73
6718 Bunched radishes with tops- color may vary from purple "amethyst" to white "ping pong" to red "satin 1.44
11504 Yellow straight-neck 0.92
11505 0.86