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Today Is Monday, September 24, 2018

Stuart and Johns Sugarhouse LLC

The Sugarhouse

The first Stuart & John's Sugar House was built in the fall of 1974 in Westmoreland, when Stuart Adams and John Matthews decided to buy their own oil-fired evaporator. At the time, Stuart was in the eighth grade, and John was in the tenth grade, and they had been best friends for years.

Stuart's family owned and operated Windyhurst Farm, where John came to work, and the boys became lifelong friends, so it was only natural that they would work together to create Stuart and John's Sugar House. They started with 920 taps, and made 230 gallons of Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup that became well known for the quality.

Several changes to the operation have been made since those early days. They changed to a wood-fired evaporator for years before once again returning to oil back in 2000. They purchased a reverse osmosis machine in 1986 to take out the majority of water (approximately 75% under high pressure). There are now approximately 12,000 taps, and production is up to 2,500 gallons of syrup each year.

Pure NH Maple Syrup

Stuart and Johns Sugarhouse LLCContact Information

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The grading system has changed. All are Grade A--Golden Delicate Taste, Amber Rich Taste, Dark Robust Taste and Very Dark Strong Taste. Syrup may be purchased individually or in wholesale case lots. If you need sizes such as 1/4 pint, 1/2 pint or pints, or decorative glass, contact us.

If you have any special requests for an event, we can work with you to fulfill these requests. Maple syrup makes great wedding favors or customer appreciation gifts.

Cruise Nights every Thursday Night from 6p-8p all summer. Come and see the classic cars, enjoy dinner and ice cream!

Visit our restaurant in Westmoreland, NH at the junction of Routes 12 & 63. Check our website for hours of operation: