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New England BBQ Project

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I have lived all over the country and the one thing all regions have that New England does not is a distinct regional style of smoking and grilling. The New England BBQ Project is dedicated to the promotion and development of our own style of this American cuisine

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Currently our sauces are made in small batches (3 gallons) and canned by waterbath process on the stove top.
I am taking orders for holiday smoked turkeys! Contact me for details!

local BBQ sauces using a unique recipe, order single jars for $6 through the market or can ship anywhere in the US 3 jars for $25

The mighty smoker (we can do whole animals!)
is available for catering and events. We use local applewood for smoke and our own unique rubs that will be offered to the public on this site soon.

As a sideline and a way to get out of the kitchen and the kids outside, we pick wilding berries and fruit which we also process on the stovetop. When we have more than we need the surplus will be made available for sale. New Lower Price for wild grape jelly!
4200 Condiments BBQ Sauce #1 Original New England BBQ Project 16 oz. 6.00
4201 Condiments BBQ Sauce #2 Roasted Garlic New England BBQ Project 16 oz. 6.00
4202 Condiments BBQ Sauce #3 Fire Roasted Poblano and Honey New England BBQ Project 16 oz. 6.00
5070 Jams Jellies Butters & Spreads Seedless Wild Blackberry Jam New England BBQ Project 1/2 pint 8.00