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Today Is Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sky Island Farm

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We offer the following goatmilk products: Chevre, yogurt-berry drink, and goatmilk soap.

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Sky Island FarmContact Information

Contact Information: Ted Hartman at 751-5321 or [email protected]

Notice to Lyndon mkt customers: We will deliver to the Lyndon market only when total sales of at least $35 has been ordered.

we have a small herd of 15 milking does. cheeses come from our organically run, off-grid farmstead where all animals are known individually, and every cheese is individually handled and examined. All feedback welcomed. farm visits encouraged. Ted at 751-5321.
7424 Other goatmilk yogurt-berry drink pint 3.95
6625 Cheese Chevre, w herbs & spice oz 1.10
6626 Yogurt goatmilk yogurt-berry drink 16 oz 3.95
6840 Bar Soap goat milk soap, cedar/allspice bar 4.95
6674 Bar Soap goat milk soap, cinnamon/clove bar 4.95
6841 Bar Soap goat milk soap, lavender/peppermint bar 4.95
6627 Bar Soap goat milk soap, oatmeal/unscented bar 4.95
6839 Bar Soap goat milk soap, orange/clove bar 4.95
6675 Bar Soap goat milk soap, patchoui/orange bar 4.95