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TODAY IS: Saturday August 29, 2015
Gazebo Weare Town Hall
ORDER BY:    Wednesday,  September 2, 2015  - 11:00 PM

PICK UP:        Friday,  September 4, 2015,  - 3-6 pm

LOCATION:    Gazebo

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ORDER BY:    Wednesday,  October 21, 2015  - 11:00 PM

PICK UP:        Friday,  October 23, 2015,  - 4-6pm

LOCATION:    Weare Town Hall

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Warner River Organics

Market Yellow Flowers

Warner River Organics
Contact Information

Warner River Organics
119 Dustin Road
Webster, NH 03303

603.,.,746.,., 3018 (Farm)
603.,.,491.,., 4203 (Cell)


Spring Transplants

Check our inventory of spring herb, flower an vegetable transplants

Farmers Market CSA

Shares available:

Purchase a 10% discounted market credit.

Find us at:

Penacook Farmers Market on Mondays from 4 to 6:30 at the Rolfe House in Penacook.

Canterbury Farmers Market, Summer - Elkins Library parking lot, Wed, 4-6:30 pm

Concord Hospital, year-round, Tue, 2-5 pm, Sunroom in main cafeteria.

Weare Farmers Market - Summer - Gazebo area next to Weare Middle School, Fri, 3 -6:30

Winter - old Town Hall and Community Center, Fri, 4-6 pm

Contoocook Farmers Market - Summer - Train Depot, Contoocook Sat 9AM to Noon

Winter - Hopkinton Town Hall, Sat, 9 - 1 pm

Boulder Farm, Hopkinton Daily 2-5 pm, Corner of Rt 202/9 and Jewett Rd in Hopkinton, NH

Warner River Organics is a producer of seasonal mixed vegetables, medicinal and culinary herbs, tree fruit and berries.

Shiitake mushrooms are now pinning. We grow many Asian, heirloom and European vegetable and greens varieties.

We grow and sell year round and sell at 6 summer and 3 winter markets

Warner River offers bulk purchase of winter storage crops.

We offer a Farmers Market CSA - drop in at any summer, winter market or event that we are at and pick the items and quantities you want. Available for winter and summer markets, renew anytime, no time limit.

Full -- Pay $450 -- Receive $500
Half -- Pay $225 -- Receive $250
Single -- Pay $113 -- Receive $125

Partial listing of our products:

Apples, peaches, plums, pears, asparagus, many different Asian greens, beans of all sorts (gourmet Italian Borlotto shell and baby filet green), beets, broccoli, cabbage (green, red, round and pointed), carrots (all colors), celery, celaric, chards, collards, cucumbers (picklers, slicers, English and Japanese), eggplants, herbs (holy and culinary basils, calendula, herbs de Provence, kitty nirvana catnip, chives, nasturtiums, oregano, sages, thymes, tarragon, verbena, kales, leeks, onions, sweet green and mixed colored bell peppers, hot peppers (mild to scary), rhubarb, Shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, summer and winter squashes.

Transplant availability:

3.5-4" pots: Kitty Nirvana Catnip, rosemary, garden, and lemon thyme, Italian and holy basil, French tarragon, garden, broad leafed (Berggarten) and white sages, Chinese herbs (Fo Ti and Gotu Kola) Lemon grass, African blue basil, oregano, lemon verbena, marshmallow, calendula, swiss chard, Genovese basil, Roma tomatoes, curled and Italian parsley. Sweet peppers: green, red, yellow and orange bell peppers, Carmen, Atris and Aruba Sweet red peppers. Hot peppers, hot Portugal, African bird (piri piri), Xao Mi La, jalapeno, super chili and paprika.

We also have 6 and 4 packs of vrious tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, butternut, delicata, watermelon, pepper and cucumber (slicers, picklers, English and oriental).

Market Garden

Warner River Organics
16698 Gift Certificates Gift Certificate $10.00 Warner River Organics $10.00 10.00
16704 Gift Certificates Gift Certificate $100.00 Warner River Organics 100.00 100.00
16699 Gift Certificates Gift Certificate $20.00 Warner River Organics $20.00 20.00
16700 Gift Certificates Gift Certificate $30.00 Warner River Organics $30.00 30.00
16701 Gift Certificates Gift Certificate $40.00 Warner River Organics $40.00 0.00
16703 Gift Certificates Gift Certificate $75.00 Warner River Organics $75.00 75.00
10501 CSA Shares Market Share $125 Credit Warner River Organics each 113.00
10500 CSA Shares Market Share $250 Credit Warner River Organics each 225.00
10499 CSA Shares Market Share $500 Credit Warner River Organics each 450.00
16680 Dried Food Peppers Chili Powder - Dried Warner River Organics 10 gr 3.00
8268 Dried Food Tomatoes Dried Plum and Cherry Tomatoes Warner River Organics 54 gr 4.00
9954 Eggs Chicken Fern Lane Farm Farm Fresh eggs Warner River Organics dozen 4.50
16784 Fruits and Berries Cranberries Cranberries - Frozen Warner River Organics 12 oz bag 5.50
5247 Herbs Basil Italian, dried Warner River Organics 10 gr 3.00
5453 Herbs Basil Rama -Tulsi Basil - Dried Warner River Organics 10 gr 2.00
15745 Herbs Basil Tulsi - Vana - Dried Warner River Organics bunch 4.00
16676 Herbs Basil Vana - Tulsi Basil - Dried Warner River Organics 10 gr 3.00
9427 Herbs Catnip Kitty Nirvana Catnip Warner River Organics "bag" 3.00
16806 Herbs Herb Blends Grilling Blend Warner River Organics 13 gr 3.00
9786 Herbs Herb Blends Herbes de Provence Warner River Organics 24 gr 5.50
9823 Herbs Herb Blends Italian Blend Warner River Organics 15 gr 3.00