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Today Is Thursday, October 18, 2018
  • New Vineyard - Our Village Market
  • Kingfield Schoolhouse Gallery
  • Freeman, Rasmussen Farm
  • Farmington, Fri. mkt 11-12:30 or BLC - 3
  • Farmington Sat 10-noon - Courthouse
  • Rangeley Friday
  • Friday delivery, after 1 pm

Applesauce Hill Icelandics

Ewe and lambs

Applesauce Hill Icelandics is located in Rangeley, Maine. These primative sheep are right at home in the western mountains of Maine.

The fleece for sale are primarily the fall shear as this is the loveliest wool. These animals are sheared twice a year and still manage to grow up to 6-8 inches of wool over the summer.

The full fleece weigh over 2 pounds, a single fleece will provide enough to make an adult sweater or innumerable felting projects, mittens, hats and scarves.

E.C. a white sheep with some light brown spots

Mouse a black sheep with some white spots

Cocoa puff a moorit with a lot of white

Pooh a lovely chestnut moorit with some lighter spots

Roo looks like a siamese cat when she is first sheared, her wool is pale silver with deep moorit tips


Applesauce Hill IcelandicsContact Information

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Icelandic Fleece

Raw Icelandic Fleece in several colors; white, black and several shades of 'moorit' (browns). Thos is a dual coated sheep with long and shorter wool. These fleece have not been washed or 'picked over'. Best combed rather than carded due to length. Easy to spin. I spin in the grease without washing and then wash the yarn. Can also be used for felting, it felts very easily so wash with great care!

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More Information
16738 Fleece Black fleece (raw) Applesauce Hill Icelandics each 40.00
16739 Fleece Cocoa puff fleece (brown & white) Applesauce Hill Icelandics each 40.00
16740 Fleece Pooh's fleece Applesauce Hill Icelandics each 40.00
16741 Fleece Roo's fleece Applesauce Hill Icelandics each 40.00
16737 Fleece White fleece (raw) Applesauce Hill Icelandics each 40.00