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Today Is Sunday, August 19, 2018
  • Rangeley Tues-froz/non-perishable only
  • Kingfield Schoolhouse Gallery
  • Freeman, Rasmussen Farm
  • Farmington, Fri. mkt 11-12:30 or BLC - 3
  • Farmington Sat 10-noon - Courthouse
  • Rangeley Friday
  • Friday delivery, after 1 pm

Porter Hill Farm


Welcome to Porter Hill Farm, run by Burt and Nancy Knapp. We are both semi-retired physicians who are passionate about eating good food for good health and pleasure. We have been growing our own veggies for many years and now like to share with others.

We grow everything "naturally" without chemicals or synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Please feel free to visit us on the farm.

Consider becoming a CSA member - see our web site for details: www.porterhillfarm.com

Naturally Grown

Porter Hill FarmContact Information

Burt & Nancy Knapp
186 Owen Mann Rd
Farmington ME 04938

[email protected]



SPRING SHARE $45.00 for 3 weeks during May and June. Asparagus, Rhubarb, Maple Syrup; and greenhouse produce: lettuce, spinach, baby beets with greens, chard, Chinese cabbage.

SUMMER SHARE: $400 for 18 weekly boxes from the end of June until mid October. Boxes will include a wide variety of seasonal fresh vegetables from our gardens and greenhouses; usually strawberries as well.

WORK SHARE - Consider for 2017

FARM STAND - All summer from 1-6:00 Wed thru Sat.
21877 Blackberries Blackberries Porter Hill Farm pint 6.50
7637 Beans Fresh green snap beans Porter Hill Farm 1/2 lb 1.75
7638 Beans Fresh green snap beans Porter Hill Farm lb 3.50
15232 Beans Fresh Yellow Snap Beans Porter Hill Farm 1/2 lb 2.00
25553 Beets Beets with greens - medium beets Porter Hill Farm Bunch 4.50
3924 Beets Beets with greens - small beets Porter Hill Farm bunch 3.50
4970 Cabbage Caraflex - mini pointed cabbage Porter Hill Farm each 2.00
25739 Cucumber A sampler of three different cukes Porter Hill Farm 3 cukes 2.00
7635 Cucumber Large Slicing Porter Hill Farm 2-pack 1.50
18516 Cucumber Mix of green and white Slicing Cukes-small to medium Porter Hill Farm 5 pack 2.25
21894 Cucumber Silver Slicer - white cucumber Porter Hill Farm each 0.75
15503 Cucumber White, "silver slicer" cukes Porter Hill Farm 2-pack 1.35
12115 Eggplant Purple Eggplant Porter Hill Farm each 2.50
6424 Greens Beet Beet Greens with sm-med beets Porter Hill Farm bunch 3.50
7636 Greens Chard Chard - Rainbow Porter Hill Farm 3/4 lb bunch 3.75
15411 Greens Chard Sweet White Chard Porter Hill Farm Bunch 3.25
25278 Kale Curly Leaf Kale Porter Hill Farm 1/2 # bunch 2.50
25740 Squash - Summer A 3 pack Sampler Porter Hill Farm 3 pack 2.25
11621 Squash - Summer Flaminio, a green striped Costata hybrid Porter Hill Farm each 1.25
7484 Squash - Summer Summer Squash - sampler Porter Hill Farm 2 pack 1.50
7412 Squash - Summer Zephyr Porter Hill Farm each 1.50
11620 Squash - Summer Zucchini - dark green Porter Hill Farm each 1.50
21964 Swiss Chard Rainbow Chard Porter Hill Farm Bunch 3.75
7485 Tomatoes A mix of cherry tomatoes Porter Hill Farm pint 5.50
25816 Tomatoes Large Slicing Tomaotes Porter Hill Farm 3 lbs 9.50
7844 Tomatoes Medium Slicing Tomatoes Porter Hill Farm lb 3.50
22031 Tomatoes Red Salad Tomatoes - Mt. Magic Porter Hill Farm quart 6.50
7411 Zucchini Raven, dark green zucchini Porter Hill Farm each 1.50