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Today Is Friday, October 19, 2018
  • New Vineyard - Our Village Market
  • Kingfield Schoolhouse Gallery
  • Freeman, Rasmussen Farm
  • Farmington, Fri. mkt 11-12:30 or BLC - 3
  • Farmington Sat 10-noon - Courthouse
  • Rangeley Friday
  • Friday delivery, after 1 pm

Rasmussen Farm

Deborah in the garden

We aim to please. If there is something you love that you haven’t been able to find locally, ask Deborah and she will try to find a way to grow it for you—-even things no sane person would attempt to grow in Maine. Looking for smaller or larger quantities than what is listed here? Just ask!

Deborah & her hybrid Prius make deliveries of both our own produce and products from other area producers. If you can’t make it to the online market pick-up site, check to see if Deborah can deliver your order to you. Send an email or call to make requests.

Rasmussen Farm, atop Gilkey Hill in Freeman Township, converted from a home garden to a market garden in 2008. We grow raspberries, wild & cultivated blueberries, a vast selection of veggies, greens, herbs, fruit, edible & cut flowers. We focus on unusual items and are attempting to hoping to offer artichokes this year. We also sell seedlings and forage for wild edibles.

We have not sought organic certification, but we avoid using chemicals in the garden and fields, even those products approved for Certified Organic growers. Instead, we try to keep crops healthy through companion planting, use of row cover, and hand removal of pests.

David Rasmussen & Deborah Chadbourne have been gardening together since 1992. Deborah is a 12th generation Maineiac who earned a BA in English and Philosophy from Wellesley College and a Master of Architecture degree from the Boston Architectural College before deciding to put her higher education to good use digging around in the dirt. David grew up as a farm boy in Iowa, escaped to academia where he earned BS, BA, MA & PhD degrees in Philosophy from the University of Chicago and launched a now more than 40 year teaching career. He bought the farm here in Maine shortly after he began teaching Philosophy at Boston College in 1967.

19th century view of our farm

Rasmussen FarmContact Information

Deborah Chadbourne
Rasmussen Farm
Freeman Township
[email protected]
(857) 225-1199
(207) 684-4587

New in 2016!

We now have a licensed commercial kitchen! We will definitely be freezing fruits & veggies and drying herbs to sell. Hopefully we'll also be offering baked goods and prepared foods, at least when we're not too busy in the gardens.

Now available: cut-flower CSA shares. We grow plenty of sunflowers, dahlias, and a wide variety of other flowers. The CSA give you the option to get a lovely selection of whatever is flowering on a regular basis throughout the season.

Looking for something else?

If something we normally offer is sold out, it won't show up on the website, but check with Deborah. More is often available. Looking for something you don't see listed, just ask and we will try to grow it or find a grower for you.
22941 Biscuit Cloud biscuits Rasmussen Farm 1/2 dozen 3.00
24990 Biscuit Whole wheat biscuits Rasmussen Farm 1/2 dozen 3.00
22899 Cheesecake Cheesecake, Frozen Rasmussen Farm 4" round 6.00
23226 Cheesecake Snack-size Cheesecake, Frozen Rasmussen Farm each 2.00
22180 Grapes Chontay purple table grapes with seeds Rasmussen Farm 1/2 lb 2.00
22304 Grapes Frontenac purple grapes with seeds, for wine-making but can be full-flavored table Rasmussen Farm 1/2 lb 1.50
17104 Raspberries Frozen purple raspberries Rasmussen Farm 1 lb 8.00
733 Bay Leaves Bay leaves picked to order Rasmussen Farm each 0.25
1586 Chives Fresh Chives Rasmussen Farm bunch 1.50
13026 Horseradish Horseradish root Rasmussen Farm 1/2 lb 2.50
1589 Mints Fresh peppermint Rasmussen Farm small bunch 1.50
1640 Oregano Fresh oregano Rasmussen Farm small bunch 1.00
1588 Parsley Curly Parsley Rasmussen Farm bunch 1.50
3854 Parsley Flat leaf parsley, small bunch Rasmussen Farm bunch 1.50
732 Rosemary Fresh Rosemary sprigs Rasmussen Farm small bunch 2.00
735 Sage Sage, fresh Rasmussen Farm small bunch 2.00
24199 Sauces Cranberry relish with apples and clementines Rasmussen Farm 12 oz. 4.00
8500 Beets Baby beets with greens attached, mixed varieties Rasmussen Farm 1/2 lb 1.75
12035 Carrots Rainbow carrots Rasmussen Farm lb 3.50
1889 Carrots Rainbow carrots with greens attached Rasmussen Farm 1 lb 3.00
23928 Corn Sweet corn kernels, frozen Rasmussen Farm 1 lb. 4.50
739 Garlic Garlic Rasmussen Farm 1/4 lb 3.50
2068 Garlic Garlic Rasmussen Farm 1/2 lb 6.75
1887 Garlic Garlic bulb Rasmussen Farm each 1.50
3856 Greens Asian greens - delicious! Rasmussen Farm 4 oz 1.75
16262 Greens Asian greens - Delicious! Rasmussen Farm 8 oz 3.00
22636 Greens Asian greens - Delicious! Rasmussen Farm lb 5.00
25973 Greens Spicy mixed greens Rasmussen Farm 8 oz 3.50
10300 Greens Tatsoi (succulent Asian green), 1 large or 2 smaller Rasmussen Farm each 4.00
24987 Greens Beet Beet greens, mixed sizes - mostly green - look like chard Rasmussen Farm 4 oz 1.75
15906 Peppers Hot pepper mix Rasmussen Farm dozen 2.50
15736 Peppers Sweet Green Peppers Rasmussen Farm each 0.75
15905 Peppers Sweet Green Peppers Rasmussen Farm 3 lbs 6.00
23965 Peppers Sweet Green Peppers Rasmussen Farm 1 lb. 2.50
18974 Peppers Sweet peppers, mixed colors Rasmussen Farm 3 lbs 9.00
23787 Peppers Sweet peppers, mixed colors Rasmussen Farm lb 3.50
9234 Potatoes Red Gold Potatoes Rasmussen Farm lb 2.50
2332 Scallions Scallions Rasmussen Farm small bunch 1.50
1596 Sorrel Fresh sorrel leaves Rasmussen Farm 4 oz 2.00
21191 Squash - Winter Frozen mixed puree, squash grown at Island Farm Rasmussen Farm 1 lb. 4.50
2125 Tomatillos tomatillos Rasmussen Farm lb 3.50
2098 Tomatoes Plum tomatoes-mixed varieties Rasmussen Farm lb 3.00
3819 Mixed Farm Bouquet Custom flower bouquet Rasmussen Farm arrangement 5.00