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Today Is Wednesday, June 20, 2018
  • Rangeley Tues-froz/non-perishable only
  • Kingfield Schoolhouse Gallery
  • Farmington, Fri. mkt 11-12:30 or BLC - 3
  • Farmington Sat 10-noon - Courthouse
  • Rangeley Friday
  • Friday delivery, after 1 pm

The Maine Meal

Food packages

GOURMET PREPARED FROZEN MEALS - Locally sourced gourmet cuisine by Chef Mark LaCasse. Heat and serve meal solutions for busy individuals, families on the go, caregivers and the aging community, or gourmet food gifts.

Design your meal from our menu of seasonal and year main dishes, side dishes and soups. All of our items are fully cooked with instructions for you to reheat. We chose the Boil-In-Bag method of reheating because it is a gentle and even way to reheat our gourmet cuisine. All food items should remain frozen (do not thaw) until you are ready to prepare the meal. Bring your cooler or thermal shopping bag with you and come see us at the market!

As a classically trained Chef, Mark LaCasse understands the value of tradition. His deep-seated love for the art of cooking was discovered as a child while working along side his grandmother, Florence Sterns — affectionately known as “Gug”. This same time-honored approach continues today at The Maine Meal.

It all starts with exceptional ingredients. The Maine Meal brings the very best to your table. Featuring hand selected produce, fresh Maine seafood, organically raised meats and handcrafted cheeses from local farms, all of our “heat & serve” meals are ready in 20 minutes or less—providing the perfect dinner solution for health-conscious individuals and families on the go. To ensure the highest standard of excellence many of our offerings reflect the season. By harvesting ingredients at just the right time to capture their freshness, The Maine Meal assures you will never compromise quality for convenience.

At The Maine Meal, we are deeply committed to helping build a stronger, healthier community. Because we recognize the importance of upholding the direct connection we share with our food, our gourmet meals are always prepared with the freshest ingredients possible—harvested from local & regional farms and waters. By partnering with more than fifteen local farmers, growers, fishermen, and small businesses who share the same dedication to sustainable practices, we are working together to both honor and preserve Maine tradition… for generations to come.

We are not a restaurant and we do not have a store front. We local farmers markets as our store front, but if you are in the area and want to pick-up a meal... give us call! (Local delivery also offered)

Thank you for reading our information!
Kelly & Mark LaCasse

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The Maine MealContact Information

Mark and Kelly LaCasse
4 Madison Ave
Skowhegan ME
[email protected]


Our mission is to promote health and wellbeing by providing our customers with easy and delicious ways to eat healthy, local food.

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