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Today Is Saturday, December 10, 2016
  • Kingfield Schoolhouse Gallery
  • Freeman, Rasmussen Farm
  • Farmington Grange Saturday 11am-1pm
  • Farmington Friday: BLC noon-2pm
  • Rangeley Friday--meet our volunteer
  • Friday delivery, after 2 pm

Whitehill Farm


We will offer Certified Organic heirloom tomato, pepper, eggplant, and culinary herbs seedlings each spring at the Saturday Farmington Farmers Market, mid-May till June (Saturdays in the parking lot across from the Court House from 9-12 noon).

Our Certified Organic cider vinegars, herbs, herb blends, teas, and gift items are available year round. From mid-July till the end of October we are at the Farmington Saturday Farmer's Market. From October through April we are at the Indoor Farmer's Market at the Grange in West Farmington.

We are also proud to offer many of our jams, jellies, and herb products at the Farm Store, located on Rte 2, at Sandy River Farms (560 Farmington Falls Road)

Feel free to write or call for information, hours, or a price list.

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21344 Calming Chamomile! Certified Organic and hand harvested, blossoms only. 5.50
3956 Marvelous Mate and Mint 5.00
1533 Organic Green Tea, Lemon Verbena and Mint blend 5.00
1534 Organic Green Tea, Mint, Raspberry, and Raspberry Leaf Blend, 1 oz 5.00
16488 Cortland or Empire apples, dried to perfection for snacking. Certified Organic 3.00
22057 HOT!!! Dried hot peppers, perfect for chili and sauces. 4.50
1523 Classic Italian style Dried Tomatoes. Certified organic 5.50
2478 Pizza Special! Dried Tomato Slices, Organic 5.50
22554 Pullet eggs! Perfect little "practice" eggs from our new Silver Laced Wyandotte layers. 1.75
1526 Garlic Powder 4.50
1521 Best Herb Blend 4.50
1518 Cajun! Whew! HOT! 5.00
1519 Cajun! Whew! NOT So Hot! 5.00
4912 Classic Italian Seasoning 3.75
6715 Delicious Sausage Herb Mix 3.00
6716 Delicious Sausage Herb Mix 4.00
1524 Earthshine Herbal Blend 4.50
2481 Herbes de Provence 5.00
1527 Italian Bruschetta Herb & Spice Mix 4.50
1528 Italian Salad Dressing Mix 5.50
1530 Salad Sprinkles 4.75
5090 Turkey Basting Herb Mix 4.50
10122 Tuscan Blend, Italian Classic 5.00
1525 Freshly Ground Paprika 5.00
16798 Smoked Paprika …add a smoky spicy note where Paprika is called for in a recipe! 5.00
15226 Basil Pesto, dairy free, made with our own Certified Organic basil and garlic, olive oil, walnuts 6.50
15227 Garlic Scape Puree, made with our own Certified Organic garlic scapes and olive oil. 6.50
22481 Roasted Tomato Pasta Sauce 6.50
4910 BACK!! Peruvian Sauce Chutney 5.50
19592 Just Applesauce! 2016 crop! Unsweetened, made from our own Certified Organic apples. 5.75
19248 Pear Butter! Thick and spreadable and lightly seasoned with allspice 5.50
1836 BACK! Raspberry Jam 5.50
11297 BlueBarb Jam! 5.00
4908 Currant Jelly 5.00
4911 Seedless Blackberry Jam 6.00
5089 Strawberry Rhubarb Jam 5.00
4909 Triple-Berry Jam 6.00
4905 3 Bean Salad 6.50
4904 Dill Spears 5.50
4906 Maine Dilly Beans 6.50