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Today Is Tuesday, December 6, 2016
  • Thursday: Bratt/Rte 30/Points North
  • Tue: Bratt, Rte 5, Marlboro, Guil, Verno

HiddenSprings Maple

100% Pure VT Maple Syrup

Hidden Springs Maple is a family-owned and operated Vermont business. We have been making syrup for over 50 years in Westminster West and Putney. At our farm store we sell our own maple syrup as well as maple syrup produced by several local Vermont sugarmakers. A perfect place to purchase specialty food items and gifts for your friends, we offer a variety of foods made with pure maple syrup such as maple shortbread cookies and maple jelly beans as well as gift baskets and artwork by local Vermont artists. Feel free to stop in and warm up by the woodstove in the winter months or cool down with an ice cream cone in the summer. Open Thursday through Sunday 11 - 5 in the winter and Tuesday through Sunday 10 to 6 in the summer.

Hidden Springs Maple Store

HiddenSprings MapleContact Information

Retail Store: 1 802 387 5200 ~ Customer Service: 1 888 889 8781 ~ 162 Westminster Road, Putney Vermont 05346

2015 New Grading System

You can find comparison to old system here - www.hiddenspringsmaple.com/about-syrup

16163 5 Gallon bucket - Grade A Amber 250.00
16164 5 gallon bucket - Grade A Dark 250.00
10047 5 Gallon bucket - Grade A Golden 250.00
16165 5 Gallon bucket - Grade A Very Dark - Not for Retail 250.00
10067 One Gallon - Grade A Amber 65.00
10068 One Gallon - Grade A Dark 65.00
6282 One Gallon - Grade A Golden 65.00
10069 One Gallon - Grade A Very Dark - Not for Retail 65.00