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Today Is Tuesday, January 24, 2017
  • Thursday: Bratt/Rte 30/Points North
  • Tue: Bratt, Rte 5, Marlboro, Guil, Verno

Walker Farm

Mesculin Mix in one of  our Green Houses

Today, Walker Farm has evolved into a retail operation that prides itself in the quality of premium products and friendly service that have kept the farm successful and respected. Nineteen greenhouses grow over 1200 annual and perennial flowers started from seed as well as hundreds of varieties of propagated plants from around the world. Display gardens and the scenic views of the Connecticut River valley provide a splendid backdrop for a brilliant rainbow of spring bloomers offered for sale in the farm's garden center. Thirty acres of carefully nurtured land supply the seasonal farmstand with flavorful, certified organic vegetables and fruit from June until Thanksgiving. The daily harvesting, the dedication of the wonderful staff, the grazing cows and calves, all combine to help keep the community in touch with the peacefulness of sustainable agriculture. The generations of Walker Farm each add their own signature to the ever-changing portrait that continues to remind one year by year of the temporary nature of the human condition and the fascinating permanence of the sacred land.

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Fall Raspberries

22345 Carrots Organic Rainbow Carrots 25 lb 40.00
2360 Carrots Sweet Organic Bolero Table Carrots 25 lb 32.00
8412 Sweet Potatoes Organic #1 Sweet Orange Flesh 40 lb box 59.00
12498 Sweet Potatoes Organic #1 Sweet Orange Flesh 20 lbs 32.00
16219 Swiss Chard Organic Rainbow Swiss Chard 12 bunch case 30.00