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Today Is Saturday, December 10, 2016
  • Tue: Bratt, Rte 5, Marlboro, Guil, Verno
  • Thursday: Bratt/Rte 30/Points North

Orchard Hill Breadworks

Market Yellow Flowers

Welcome to Orchard Hill Breadworks!

We are a small, rural bakery located in beautiful southwest New Hampshire. Our operation is run out of a renovated barn located on our family owned farm We strive to produce foods that nourish the body and please the palate. We believe that making positive connections with people around food builds happier and healthier communities, and to that end we support the work of farms and organizations that share our hopes for a strong local food web. Please come see us if you can, or just tour the site if you aren’t able to make it to this neck of the woods.

Market Garden

10451 Farmhouse White 4.25
4879 Kalamata olive and rosemary 4.25
4554 Sandwich French 4.25
4555 Seeded Country Wheat 4.25
16243 Seeded Deli Rye 4.25
4882 Sesame French 4.25
10445 Sliced Country Wheat 4.45
10452 Sliced Farmhouse White 4.45
10450 Sliced Multi-grain 4.45
10446 Sliced Sandwich French 4.45
16244 Sliced Seeded Deli Rye 4.45
10444 Sliced Sunny flax 4.45
10449 Soft Crust Multi-grain 4.25
4866 Sunny Flax 4.25
4881 Weekly Special 4.45
4880 Whole Grain Special 4.45
21207 Farmhouse Burger bun 0.70
21208 Farmhouse Hot Dog Bun 0.70