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March 29 Breaking News: New Organic Super fresh Sprouts from Gil Greenary!
MORE GOOD NEWS! Welcome the Gill Greenery now offering same Day Fresh organic Sprouts from Gill, Ma, 5 miles from the VT boarder!

The Gill Greenery is a small, family run sprout farm located in beautiful Gill, Massachusetts. Their sprouts are grown hydroponically (without soil) using organic practices. They have sold to the Brattleboro Coop for years and are expanding their wholesale market to WFFN buyers.

Please order your sprouts by Thursday night to guarantee availability on Tuesday.

They have many different types of sprouts, but have just posted three popular varieties for now. Try Broccoli sprouts--natures super food, or their affordable salad mix! They sow seeds on Fridays and harvest them on Tuesday, just in time for our delivery!
This fresh, they will last over a week under refrigeration. Please contact us if you would like other varieties (peas, for example)or if you would like 4 oz clam shell package.

Thanks and have a good weekend!
Order on-line at or call me by Next Monday Morning April 2 ,by 10am (...but remember to order Fresh Bread and Bagels by Saturday night!)
7# organic frozen corn
Category: Corn
Description: 7# organic frozen corn
Vendor: Westminster Organics
Unit: 7 lbs
Price: 17.50