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12/9 Update--Last Lettuce?
Westminster Organics still has really nice Boston and Red leaf--It may be the last week--so don't miss this nice early winter green!

All other inventory is the same this week.

DONT MISS Scott Farms delicious heirloom apples--They will likely only last till Christmas.

And from Last week-- If you are able--please try Sunrise Orchard's peak-fresh--local flash-frozen produce - and give us feedback! Let me know if you would like cases of individual 10 oz packs, also available (I will post them.
Lots of Great Produce!
The warm fall has extended field greens--Keep eating cold-sweetened greens till their gone!

Howie at High Meadow has a boat load of beautiful Carrots and other fabulous rout crops!

Duttons Gilfeathers are sweet and crunchy!

Add Westminster Organics Celeriac to anything for super flavor burst!

Pealed butternut is nutty-sweet and EASY

PLEASE Sample the outstanding heirloom apple varieties at Scott Farm before they are gone!

Don't forget to Order Bread by Sat pm--you can always add more on Monday morning.

See all inventory below--click items to go to the order platform. Order by Monday 9 am for Tuesday Delivery 12/13. Call me anytime with questions.

Hans 802 579 5519
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Sunrise Orchards
Sunrise Orchards is a 200 acre, family owned and operated, wholesale apple farm devoted to growing excellent apples for our local community as well as the entire Northeast region. We have recently expanded into sourcing vegetables from the region and flash freezing them. This year we are excited to offer frozen blueberries, sweet corn, green beans, and organic broccoli.
[email protected]

1287 N Bingham St
Cornwall, VT 05753
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