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Food Connects - Monadnock Menus Newsletter

Plan ahead for next week--We will deliver on Wednesday in honor of the Martin Luther King Holiday.
Most schools have MLK holiday both Monday and Tuesday next week. Thus WFFN will extend the ordering till Tuesday morning 10am 1/17 (Except order bread by Sat!)and will deliver on Wednesday when school is open. This change is for THIS WEEK ONLY. We will return to Tuesday deliver for the following week, Jan 24.

If possible, please plan ahead and place your orders by this weekend.

Stay tuned for the week update later today !

From last week---WFFN is Growing and Changing--Important News!
As many of you know, WFFN had a great year and is expanding to support its continued growth in 2012. Our 2011 Report is available by request ([email protected]).

We are thrilled to announce that as of this week WFFN is a collaboration of Post Oil Solutions and UVM Extension. Details coming shortly to our home page.

The first change you will notice is that we will include ALL costs in the price of the product. Thus invoices will no longer include a "10% Market Fee" after the subtotal, and the price of the products will go up slightly to include getting it from the farm to you. But don't worry, without the 10% add on, your overall cost should not change significantly. FYI, for 2012 we are shooting to run WFFN as a non-profit aggregation and delivery service on a 15% margin-- Wish us all luck!

In our new non-profit structure, an executive committee will meet this winter to make decisions on the networks future structure, logistics and governance.

Please contact me at 802 579 5519 or by email at [email protected] if you would like to be part of this process. Your role could be a little as looking at proposals and chipping in from afar, or as much as serving on this executive committee and attending a couple of meetings.