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March 22 Update: New Pies, Fresh Spinach, Great Chard!
Just Pies baking great wholesome pies with local ingredients--they baking in the Old Mill in Brattleboro, and are now selling through our network--they are outstanding!!

Great fresh organic spinach is new from Fertile field farm in Westmoreland. This spinach is sweet and tender--medium leaf regrowth in their greenhouse--a great addition to any salad or dish.

The chard from Duttons is outstanding--big and tender bunches--don't miss it!

from last week: Paul Harlow over-wintered some parsnips in the field especially for April Vegi of the Month. Well the snow is gone (if you haven't noticed)and he dug some sweet fresh parsnips last week. Yum! We are two weeks ahead, but they are ready for eating!

AND... Dutton's Greenhouse winter-over herbs and greens have re-sprouted and are growing great guns and ready for harvest! Please check out the fresh bunches of kale, chard, cilantro and parsley for $1.65 delivered! Although not yet large, these bunches are super green, tender and sweet--a great addition to fresh salads or cooked dishes.
Order on-line at www.windhamfarmandfood.org or call me at 802 579 5519 by Next Monday Morning March 26 , 10am (...but remember to order Fresh Bread and Bagels by Saturday night!)
Have a good weekend!
Hans (still subbing for Richard)
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