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Food Works at Two Rivers Center Newsletter

The FInal Lull of 2012
Dear Farm-to-Table Participants:

Log on to Harvest to Market by going to http://www.harvesttomarket.com/farmers-market/Food-Works-at-Two-Rivers-Center

I'm sorry this message got out so late in the day. Im writing after an amazing Vermont Food Hub Networking meeting held at the Two Rivers Center. Today we fed the leaders in our food hub movement with the very same fresh local foods you all purchase from our farmers weekly.

Things are starting to really take off for the season and its an absolutely amazing time of year to buy fresh local foods. However, i must say, all of our farmers have transplanted their starts to the fields, and have cleared out their green houses, and honestly, we have little to offer this week.

I will call this the final lull of 2012. We do have Head Lettuce, 24 bunches of Kale, a lot a lot of those AMAZING strawberries, 30 Cucumbers and all of our awesome added value products.

We are grateful for your continued support for Farm-to-Table and starting next week we'll be looking at bunched kale and chard, and possibly the start of cherry tomatoes.

Again, click on http://harvesttomarket.com/farmers-market/Food-Works-at-Two-Rivers-Center to log on to the market and place your order.

if you have questions, feel free to call me at 595 1325 or e-mail at [email protected]

thank you all,

Daniel Stein