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Food Works at Two Rivers Center Newsletter

First update of the week!
Summer is SIZZLIN

Early tuesday morning I got up, as I usually do, put my fresh local strawberries, kale, dandelion greens, some organic bananas, hemp milk, raw chocolate, and a few other herbal goodies into my blender and hit spin. I ate a piece of carmelized red onion & gruyere quiche and got in my car ready to get on to Montpelier for a wonderful delivery day.

This is when things started to turn upside down. I arrived in Montpelier knowing that Champlain Orchards didn't really have enough product to deliver, and that our apples were going to be late arriving on a Black River Produce. What I did not know was that our refrigerated truck was going to break down en route with hundreds of pounds of food (luckily the refrigerator did not break down, so the food was ok!) Or that Black RIver wouldn't be showing up until Wednesday. So, once I finally brought all the produce to the root cellar and got started, we were already late and behind schedule. Farmers were late, volunteers were absent, tours were being given at the Two Rivers Center and on top of all that, I had to deliver the food myself.

So with all that Im terribly sorry for the errors. The zucchini was unacceptable and the apple products never showed up!

I must add this disclaimer: Fresh Local Foods can sometimes be a hit or miss. Weather conditions in Vermont can sometimes damage crops or effect crops in a way we cannot anticipate. Also, organic food does not get sprayed with chemicals and is therefore more susceptible to pest-related damage. I say this because it is the reality of eating local foods. This is a disclaimer.

So far for this week we can offer the following new products:

PEA TENDRILS - amazingly adorable and delicious. The stems and leaves and possibly flowers of the pea plants. Theyre only here for a few weeks at most, so get em now!

GARLIC SCAPES - Long stringy delicious garliciness. Thats right, garlic scape pesto, sauteed, cut fresh onto salads, or whatever. Theyre just like scallions, but garlic.


I will send out another newsletter as the day goes on and I hear from more farmers with their availability!

Thank you all so much for your continued participation, patience, and orders.

In Gratitude,

Daniel Stein
Farm-to-Table Market Manager