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Happy rainy day, Local Food Lovers!
Place your order from Western Maine Market today or by 6:00 A.M. tomorrow morning for pick-up or delivery this Friday or Saturday.
New and Returning Products

Menu Group: Food - Section: Meat - Category: Beef

Vendor: Crooked Face Creamery & Grass Fed Beef

Flank Steak
Sirloin Tip Steak
T-Bone Steak
Menu Group: Food - Section: Vegetables - Category: Arugula

Vendor: Whitehill Farm

Tidy little bunches, 20+ stems each
Fresh Strawberry Jam
Menu Group: Food - Section: Preserved Foods - Category: Jams Jellies Butters & Spreads

Vendor: Beehive Bakery

Fresh picked and made strawberry jam! Fruit is from local gardens
Discounted eggs
Menu Group: Food - Section: Eggs - Category: Chicken

Vendor: Aloha Rainbow Farm

Three weeks fresh -- perfect for hardboiling and easy peeling!
Ruby's Date Filled Cookies
Menu Group: Food - Section: Baked Goods - Category: Cookies

Vendor: King & I Angus

A market favorite, just like grandma used to make these soft comforting cookie are filled with memor
Coffee Cake
Menu Group: Food - Section: Baked Goods - Category: Cake

Vendor: Beehive Bakery

Made so simply with our own eggs, honey, sugar, flour, butter, cinnamon, brown sugar topping. Although it's a coffee cake, I use it with my Irish tea.
Lush Strawberries - naturally grown
Menu Group: Food - Section: Fruits and Berries - Category: Strawberries

Vendor: Porter Hill Farm

Ever so good. No-spray berries.
Menu Group: Food - Section: Baked Goods - Category: Bread

Vendor: King & I Angus

Cheese Bread: made with a little bit of flour,and a lot of sharp cheddar cheese. Great as is or toasted.

Cheese Herb Bread: not just about the cheese, it is about the delicious blend of rosemary, thyme, parley and then the sharp cheddar cheese. Wonderful with an evening beverage or just to snack on.

Focaccia - nine inch round. Great before dinner, with dinner or anytime of the day. This can be enjoyed cold or put in the oven at 325 for a few minutes to make it warm and just a bit crispy, yum
Spinach, Feta cheese and Olive: Fresh spinach,feta cheese,Kalamata olives and caramelized onions
Tomatoes, Onions & Rosemary: Caramelized onions, fresh tomato and rosemary
Red Romaine lettuce, red with green highlights
Menu Group: Food
Section: Vegetables
Menu Group: Food - Section: Vegetables Category: Lettuce

Vendor: Whitehill Farm