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New and Returning Products

Irish Shortbread Cookies
Menu Group: Food
Section: Baked Goods
Category: Cookies

Vendor: Beehive Bakery

Traditional shortbread cookies of Ireland which my Irish granny made slightly more coarse and chewy than the shortbread from across the Irish Sea in Scotland. Lots of butter and a tad less sugar than the Scots use. I bake with King Arthur flours and put honey in recipes as much as possible instead of lots of sugar.
often it's our own honey until we run out and take more off the hives mid summer.
Beet greens
Menu Group: Food
Section: Vegetables
Category: Greens Beet

Vendor: Rasmussen Farm

Mixed sizes - mostly green.These are mostly from Golden & Chioggia beets, so they look more like Swiss chard, but are actually beet greens.