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Greetings, Local Food Lovers!

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New and Returning Products

Menu Group: Food
Section: Meat
Category: Lamb

Vendor: Sillanpaa Family Farm

Lamb Chops, 1" thick, 4 per pack

Lamb Stew Meat

Lamb Shanks, 2 per pack
Menu Group: Food
Section: Meat
Category: Pork

Vendor: Sillanpaa Family Farm

Boneless Pork Chops, 3/4" thick, 2 per pkg, generally

Breakfast Sausage Links! Our sausage made into links, 6 per pkg

Chorizo Sausage

Nitrite-Free Slab Bacon!!

Smoked Bacon, thick sliced (pictured)

Sweet Sausage
Cranberry relish with apples and clementines
Menu Group: Food
Section: Prepared Foods
Category: Sauces

Vendor: Rasmussen Farm

A delicious, raw cranberry relish chock full of vitamin C! Made with organic cranberries, local apples, clementines, and (not too much) sugar. It's on the tart side - you can always add more sugar to sweeten it up if you prefer it that way. It's listed as a sauce on the website, but we like to eat it by itself as a salad.
Yellow potatoes
Menu Group: Food
Section: Vegetables
Category: Potatoes

Vendor: Rasmussen Farm

German Butterballs - Maine Potato Lady's favorite potato, and a favorite with many of our customers as well. A great all-purpose potato. Please state any size preference in the order note at checkout.