Sell Online

Chris Adams Basket of Pears

How it Works

  • Vendors upload their product to the website
  • Vendors link to a local market website
  • The local market website shows product for sale for any vendors linked to that market
  • Buyers place an order online for products in their local market
  • Vendors receive an email copy of all orders
  • The products ordered are gather at a common location prior to the distribution date. The method of gathering the products, either the vendors dropping them off or the market picking them up from the vendors is determined by each market in coordination with the vendors that participate in that market.
  • The buyers receive their product by either pick up or delivery, depending on what distribution options the market has established.

How Do I Sell Online


Set Up a Vendor Account

  • Login
  • Click on "My Account"
  • Click on "Add New Vendor"
  • Add your basic vendor information
  • Click on "Save"

Add vendor Web Content

  • In the "Welcome" dropdown on the top right side of the page your vendor name will appear under Admin Vendors.
  • Click on your vendor name to link you to your Vendor Web Content management
  • Use the menus to manage your vendor web content
    - Enter your vendor inventory
    - Manage your vendor account information
    - Manage your vendor website homepage
    - Link to markets where you would like to sell your products