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"We learn from our gardens to deal with the most urgent question of the time:How much is enough?"

Wendell Berry

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Know your farmer

Franklin County farmers' market hours


Farmington Saturdays 9am-noon
Farmington Grange, Bridge St, W Farmington

MAY through OCTOBER:

Farmington Fridays 9am-2pm
Front St, behind Narrow Gauge Cinema

Farmington Saturdays 9am-noon
Main St, Courthouse parking lot

Kingfield Thursdays 3-6pm
Schoolhouse Gallery, 266 Main St

New Sharon Saturdays 9am-1pm
Douin's Market, Routes 2 & 27

Phillips Saturdays 10am-2pm
American Legion, Depot St

Rangeley Tuesdays 11am-2pm, Intersection of Route 4 and South Shore Drive, Sandy River Plantation

Why buy your food online?

- Free delivery to your home or workplace in downtown Farmington or along our route through Kingfield to Strong.
- Shop when & where it's convenient for you.
- Get fresh, locally-produced food even if you can't make it to the farmers' market in person.
- Support local, small-scale farms raising veggies, herbs, animals & flowers naturally, organically and humanely.
- Know in advance what is available for better menu planning.
- Reduce your carbon footprint & support the local economy by buying locally-grown food.

Contact Info

Deborah Chadbourne
1-857-225-1199 (cell)
207-684-4587 (home)
PO Box 201
Strong ME 04983

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Suggestions and feedback are always welcome. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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TODAY IS: Saturday April 18, 2015
Freeman Township, Rasmussen Farm Farmington Grange Saturday 10-noon E Wilton, Whitehill Farm
Friday delivery, after 2 pm
ORDER BY:    Thursday,  April 23, 2015  - 6:00 AM

PICK UP:        Friday,  April 24, 2015,  - Friday after 5 pm or Saturday

LOCATION:    Freeman Township, Rasmussen Farm

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ORDER BY:    Thursday,  April 23, 2015  - 6:00 AM

PICK UP:        Saturday,  April 25, 2015,  - 10am-noon

LOCATION:    Farmington Grange Saturday 10-noon

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ORDER BY:    Thursday,  April 23, 2015  - 6:00 AM

PICK UP:        Saturday,  April 25, 2015,  - Saturday afternoon

LOCATION:    E Wilton, Whitehill Farm

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ORDER BY:    Thursday,  April 23, 2015  - 6:00 AM

DELIVERY:        Friday,  April 24, 2015,  - Friday after 2 pm

LOCATION:    Friday delivery, after 2 pm

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Website Updates

Major changes have been made to the code behind this website, so there will probably be bugs to work out. Please let us know if you notice any issues that should be addressed, Thank you!

How the market works

Schedule: Order Wednesday or by 6:00 A.M. Thursday morning to receive your order Friday or Saturday. Please note that our vendors typically update inventory listings on Tuesdays.

Payment options: Please pay with cash or check on delivery to keep your money local! PayPal payments are also accepted.

We offer free delivery to downtown Farmington, along Route 4 between Franklin Memorial Hospital and Strong, up the Town Farm Road and Route 27 through New Vineyard to Kingfield, and along Routes 142 and 145 from Kingfield to Strong.

Order confirmation: Please be sure to check for an email confirmation of your order! If you do not receive a confirmation, your order was not finalized and we have no record of it.

Carrabassett Coffee Company only accepts orders until mid-afternoon on Wednesdays. If you want to order coffee, you'll need to do it before then. If you don't see coffee listed on our website, you've missed the deadline and can try again next week.


Click the flower to the left of an inventory item to see a more complete description and sometimes a photo, or click "View all details" to see more about all items on the page.

At Checkout, use the “Order Note” to add comments, special requests, directions to your location, etc.

Click a pick-up or delivery option for directions and more info.

Sugarloaf area pick-up?
We would like to be able to offer order pick-up to those of you in the Sugarloaf and/or Stratton areas; but we need your help to make that possible.
- Pick-up location: Could you suggest a convenient pick-up location? It could be as simple as a place where we could leave a self-service cooler.
- Transportation: Do you regularly travel between Kingfield and Carrabassett Valley or Stratton on Friday afternoons? If so, would you be willing to consider delivering for us in exchange for a delivery fee?

If you might be willing to help us out, know someone who might, or have other comments or suggestions, please contact Deborah at info@westernmainemarket.com. Thank you!

A Few Notes of Interest

FRANKLIN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL: If you would like your order delivered to FMH, simply choose our Friday or Saturday Delivery option. State in the order note at checkout that you want to get your order there, and please be sure to leave a phone number where we can reach you then. Delivery will be approximately 3pm Friday or 1pm Saturday. We should be able to leave orders at the front desk if you leave a check there.

SUGARLOAF: We are now delivering orders to Sugarloaf on a trial basis. Choose the Friday Delivery option at checkout. A $12 delivery fee will be added to your total due when you receive your order. If there are multiple orders in a given week, we will be able to reduce the fee. Deliveries will be made approximately 5 pm on Fridays. Please be sure to leave a phone number where we can reach you at that time.

RANGELEY: Our volunteer driver delivers to the theater in Rangeley Fridays around 4 pm and can meet customers then. We will let you know a more exact time on the day of delivery.

If you have any trouble ordering online, you can place your order by sending an email to info@westernmainemarket.com or by calling Deborah at 684-4587 or 1-857-225-1199.

Like Western Maine Market's Facebook page to find out about new items before the newsletter comes out. You can also use it to recommend items or vendors you especially like or let folks know if something wasn't up to expectations.

Gift certificates are available. See "Extra" at left.

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