About Harvest to Market

Chris Adams Basket of Pears

Our Vision

To empower every consumer, in every community, across America and the world to easily buy their “carrots” from their local farmer and foster all of the benefits that naturally flow from that:

  • More livable and healthier communities
  • Farmland conservation
  • stronger local economies
  • Resource conservation
  • Fresher, higher quality, and more sustainable and secure food sources

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower the local food movement through use of the World Wide Web and the Internet. We are striving to create a high-quality system which will:

  • Allow farmers and markets to promote themselves with editable web pages
  • Allow buyers and sellers to come together through the additional avenue of ecommerce
  • Facilitate the growth of local food relationships

How It Works

Visit a market

  • Find your market

  • A buyer can visit a market by going directly to that market's URL or searching for the market on the HTM homepage. A buyer can also search all markets for a particular product. The search results will link you to the market that carries the product.

    The market order schedule and pick up or delivery options are shown at the top of the market home page. Click on the market Pick Up Options or Delivery Options for more information.

  • Learn about market location, hours, and products available

Online Ordering

  • Some markets offer online ordering
  • Register
  • Shop
  • Checkout
  • Pick up your products at the time and location indicated

The Process

  • Local farmers register and then list and maintain their online product inventory
  • Local farmers link their inventory to one or more existing online markets or organize a new online market
  • Each online market establishes an order schedule, a pick up time and place
  • Buyers order online from the list of products offered by the farmers that have linked to that market
  • When the order is placed the customer and farmer each receive an emailed copy of the order
  • Market farmers drop off ordered products at the established time and place
  • Buyers pick up their products at the established location
  • Buyers pay for their product at the pick up or when ordering using PayPal

Support Us

Please contact us if you are interested in supporting Harvest to Market by listing your business on one of the home pages of our website.

Send us your business name, contact person, address, phone, email and website.

Thank you for your support!