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At Harvest to Market we are people too. We agree to not do anything with the information you provide to us that we would not want done to ourselves. That is, we won’t give or sell your contact information or identifiable order information to anyone outside of Harvest to Market and the markets and vendors that you order from. By using this site, markets and vendors agree that they will not sell or disclose your contact or order information.

Use of the Website

Harvest to Market is a web hosted management content system for markets and vendors that upload content to the website. We do not set policy for any of the markets or vendors using our site. We do not set standards or ensure the quality or safe use or consumption of any of the products listed on our site. What we do is provide the technology that allows a consumer the opportunity to make decisions by buying local, knowing their farmer and making the connection. It is solely up to you, the consumer, to actually get to know your farmer and make informed decisions about the quality and safety of the products you buy using this website. Our responsibility is to provide a means for connecting local buyers with local products. Your responsibility is to learn about those products and the producers and decide whether they are safe for their intended use or consumption. Harvest to Market reserves the right to remove any content (images, text, and inventory listings) that in Harvest to Market’s sole judgment is inappropriate, inaccurate or not in keeping with the Harvest to Market mission. Harvest to Market reserves the right to limit access to the Harvest to Market site for any purpose that in Harvest to Market’s sole judgment is not in keeping with the Harvest to Market mission. We further reserve the right to limit access for any users that abuse the system.


Harvest to Market does not determine tax liability, calculate taxes, or collect taxes associated with purchases made using the site. Is is the sole responsibility of the user of this site to determine and pay any taxes associated with purchases made.


By using this site you acknowledge these Terms of Use and agree to hold Harvest to Market harmless for any consequences resulting from the use of this site or consequences of buying and using or consuming any products listed on the site.