Start an Online Market

Chris Adams Basket of Pears

How it Works

  • Anyone can organize and manage an online market
  • The market manager is often organized by a vendor that participates int the market but can be organized independent of the vendors
  • The market manager invites local vendors to join their market and supply products
  • The market manager establishes the market policies and distribution dates and locations
  • The market manager communicates with the buyers and vendors

How Do I Start an Online Market


Set Up a Market Account

  • Login
  • Click on "My Account"
  • Click on "Add New Market"
  • Add your basic market information
  • Click on "Save"

Add Market Web Content

  • In the "Welcome" dropdown on the top right side of the page your market name will appear under "Admin Markets."
  • Click on your market name to link you to your market Web Content management
  • Use the menus to manage your market web content
    - Manage your market account information
    - Manage your website market homepage
    - Manage inventory on behalf of vendors
    - Approve vendors requesting to join and sell in your market
    - View reports on market sales