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Our Mission

  • Harvest to Market's mission is to help empower farmers to be fairly compensated for their efforts and for the value they add to the quality of our lives.
  • We recognize the fact that unless farmers are fairly compensated the benefits to the community of local food production and farm land conservation are simply unsustainable.
  • In empowering farmers to participate in online sales it is Harvest to Market's guarantee is to not be a drain on farm income, but rather a means to help increase farm product values and overall sales.
  • Farmers only contribute to Harvest to Market to the extent that the website is empowering farmers to increase farm product sales.


  • Just as with farming, Harvest to Market's efforts to build and maintain the website are also unsustainable without being compensated.
  • To accommodate all farms of varying size and financial resources Harvest to Market has a sliding fee scale.
  • A farm only pays according to their ability and the extent to which the website increases farm profitability.
  • A vendor can try out online sales with absolutely no fees.
  • Harvest to Market is targeting a flat rate contribution of 5% of sales that a farmer conducts through the website.
  • This fee structure results in larger farmers paying their fair share of the costs in proportion to their sales and at the same time allows smaller farmers to participate in online sales at a very minimal cost.
  • Harvest to Market maintains complete flexibility with each market and vendor as to the fees. If this fee structure does not work for you please contact us.


  • Harvest to Market does not charge any fees to the markets
  • The vendor fees are collected by the market

That’s it!

  • There is no fee for a buyer to purchase from the website.
  • There is no fee to set up a vendor on the website.
  • There is no fee to set up a market on the website.
  • There is no hosting fee.
  • The vendor pays a % of sales (chosen by the vendor) as the website contributes to increasing farm profitability.
  • Harvest to Market ultimately reserves the right to limit use of the website but since we started in 2009 we have not done that a single time.

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