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Greetings, Local Food Lovers!
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New Vendor !
Pine Tree Poultry
Raising free range turkey and chicken.
We offer a wide variety of turkey products, chicken and grass fed beef
Ground Turkey
Menu Group: Food - Section: Poultry - Category: Turkey

Vendor: Pine Tree Poultry

Dark meat: Ground turkey mostly dark meat offering great flavor for turkey burgers and the like.

Ground turkey breast: great in turkey chili.

Our turkeys are free range and free of growth hormones
Menu Group: Food - Section: Baked Goods - Category: Bread
Vendor: King & I Angus
Double Chocolate Banana Bread: A moist chocolate,banana,and chocolate chip scrumptious chocolate fix.

Whole Wheat Honey Bread: A hearty wheat bread that has become a market favorite to the person who loves a true wheat bread with no fluff. Made with 100% whole wheat flour and honey to give you a not too sweet wheat bread. Delicious with sandwiches and really yummy toasted.
Menu Group: Food - Section: Baked Goods - Category: Cookies

From Beehive Bakery

White Coconut Macaroons: we make these with our own egg whites, sugar, coconut flakes- -simply delicious and gluten free.

From King & I Angus

Espresso: A delightful, crisp, rich chocolate wafer cookie. Made with butter, cocoa and ground espresso to give you a wonderful cookie for the chocolate lover.

Key Lime: A delightful lime cookie that is perfect for light summer treat. Slightly crisp and delicate!

Lavender Shortbread: With just a hint of lavender from beautiful French lavender petals this buttery slightly crisp cookie is a market favorite.

Ruby's Raspberry Filled: A favorite for Dennis, just like grandma used to make these soft comforting cookie are filled with memories and lots of raspberry preserves.
English Muffins
Menu Group: Food - Section: Baked Goods - Category: English Muffins

From Beehive Bakery

Crumpets: We use my husband's British family's crumpet recipe for the muffins, and bake them like a regular English muffin, only, because they are crumpets - these are extra thick, as he believes muffins should be.

From King & I Angus

English Muffins: grilled to perfection with nooks and crannies. Simply delicious! Available plain, blueberry, or cinnamon
Menu Group: Food - Section: Eggs - Category: Chicken

Vendor: Beehive Bakery

country fresh free range CHICKEN EGGS from the family farm in Litchfield. ( see Collinsonfarm.com)
Menu Group: Plants and Seeds - Section: Vegetable Starts

Vendor: Rasmussen Farm

Mustard Mix: A mixed 6-pack of three kinds of mustard: classic red, mixed red and green, and Suehlihung, a really tasty green Asian mustard with serrated leaves.

Stinging Nettle, field dug

Black from Tula: Black tomatoes tend to be the most flavorful. This beefsteak has been called both the ugliest and most delicious.
Rose de Berne: Delicious pink-red beefsteak tomato
Rutgers: Smooth, round, red slicing tomato, great for fresh eating or canning
San Marzano: Classic Italian paste tomato
Meat Pies
Menu Group: Food - Section: Prepared Foods - Category: Meat Pies

From King & I Angus

Shepherds Pie: Nothing more comforting then Shepherd’s Pie. Made with our ground beef, carrots, corn, peas, and topped with mashed potatoes makes a complete meal. Serves two average appetites or one hearty. Comes in a microwaveable container.

From Pine Tree Poultry

Turkey Pot Pies
Made right in Maine with our own free-range turkeys. 1 lb is a great ready to eat meal for 2. 2 lb will feed 3 to 4 people.

All white meat turkey pie: for the meat lover. Perfect to add the vegetables that you prefer.

Turkey pot pis with meat and vegetables: mixed meat and carrots and potatoes all set and ready for the oven.
Beef Chili with Bacon and Black Beans
Menu Group: Food - Section: Prepared Foods - Category: Soups & Stews & Chili

Vendor: King & I Angus

This is a simple chili enjoyed by all. Made with King & I Angus 100% Black Angus ground beef, tomatoes, bacon, black beans, and spiced but not spicy. One lb of this thick but smooth chili is one hearty serving or two small.