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Returning Vendor
Aloha Rainbow Farm
Approximately 50 chickens, all different varieties, have the run of Aloha Rainbow Farm. Every morning I open up their three coops and they spill out into the new day. Mamas with baby chicks orbiting set out for their daily adventures and explorations. There is a lot of juicy grass and clover and delectable bugs that must be eaten! That's what makes the yolks of these girls' eggs, the orangest you've ever seen!

Then there are the lovely ducks - There are five Khaki Campbells with their leader Felix, a Blue Swedish, quacking around the farm and hanging out with their chicken friends.

Duck eggs are the best for baking ANYTHING. One duck egg equals 2 chicken eggs in a recipe. And as Deviled Eggs, duck eggs are party show stoppers! They have four times the vitamins and minerals of chicken eggs.
Mitra Luick, 778-0347
Three Mama hens just hatched out 25 chicks between them. Two Mamas sitting now with more chickies due in two weeks!
New and Returning Products

Duck Eggs
Menu Group: Food - Section: Eggs - Category: Duck

Vendor: Aloha Rainbow Farm

Aloha Rainbow Farm specializes in all natural, non-GMO, free range chicken and duck eggs.
Menu Group: Food - Section: Baked Goods - Category: Bread

Vendor: Beehive Bakery

Crusty White Wheat Sourdough Round: King Arthur White Whole Wheat flour, unbleached King Arthur flour, my homemade sourdough starter , olive oil, salt, yeast, honey (our own), spring water.

English Country Loaf: You still see these in English village shops- LARGE country loaves. I make mine using Vermont King Arthur White Whole Wheat and unbleached all purpose flours, olive oil, yeast, water, honey ( our own) and salt. NO SOURDOUGH in this.

Sourdough Rye: Organic Rye Flour used. with my own sourdough starter. Olive Oil, salt, water, honey ( our own), yeast and King Arthur unbleached flour
Whoopie Pie - Wilkies Whoopies
Menu Group: Food - Section: Baked Goods - Category: Pastries

Vendor: King & I Angus

Wilkies Whoopies are a Maine tradition; however, as a young girl from MA a tradition we also delighted in when Mom would bake up a batch. Made with butter and the very best cocoa we fill our pies with a butter/marshmallow cream. A wonderful treat anytime.
Menu Group: Food - Section: Eggs - Category: Chicken

From Aloha Rainbow Farm

Rainbow-colored eggs - blue, cream, brown, green, and pink (approx. 1.5lbs / dozen).

From Whitehill Farm

SPECIAL on EGGS! Just in time for egg salad, deviled eggs, and frittatas! The girls must be having a summer fling! Lots of beautiful eggs ...all shades of brown and some green/blue ones for good measure! Our hens are rotationally grazed all spring and summer ...new grass every 10 days plus all the kitchen scraps they want every day. Happy hens!
Grass Fed Beef
Menu Group: Food - Section: Meat - Category: Beef

Vendor: Crooked Face Creamery & Grass Fed Beef

Minute Steaks (pictured)
Stew Meat
Strip Steak
Meatballs with Tomato Sauce
Menu Group: Food - Section: Prepared Foods - Category: Sauces

Vendor: King & I Angus

Four meatballs in basic tomato sauce. This recipe is a Boston North End original, passed on to Sara many years ago. A blend of our own 100% Black Angus Beef, ground pork, Romano cheese and a touch of sweet basil. The sauce is a basic tomato sauce lightly seasoned, enough for approximately half pound of pasta. Frozen
Sloppy Joe
Menu Group: Food - Section: Prepared Foods - Category: Soups & Stews & Chili

Vendor: King & I Angus

A great treat for any night, Sloppy Joes. Slightly sweet, with a little bit of spice, and piled on a burger roll, simply yummy.
Comes in a microwaveable container.
Menu Group: Food - Section: Vegetables - Category: Lettuce

Vendor: Rasmussen Farm

Buttercrunch Bibb
Mixed Lettuces, with a bit of red lettuce mied in

For 1/4 lb of any variety, choose the 1/4 lb mixed lettuce and request that variety in the order note at checkout.