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Happy Mother's Day, Local Food Lovers!
Place your order from Western Maine Market today or by 6:00 A.M. tomorrow morning for pick-up or delivery this Friday.

Get your Coffee now!
Carrabassett Coffee will be available through Western Maine Market only the second and fourth Fridays of the month from now until Java Joe's reopens. Buy now enough coffee to last you until the fourth Friday of May.
New and Returning Products
Cinnamon raisin bread
Menu Group: Food
Section: Baked Goods
Category: Bread
Vendor: One Way Out Farm
Menu Group: Food
Section: Baked Goods
Category: Muffins
Vendor: Martin Woods Farm
wild blueberry, buttermilk muffins, half whole wheat, delicious!

Vendor: Whitehill Farm
(pictured) Double Delicious Corn Muffins! Sweet, moist, chewy, perfect for any meal! Delicious, but simple! Made with Cream Corn - made from scratch with local sweet corn and cream - and our own Certified Organic Corn Meal. Great for any meal.
Menu Group: Food
Section: Eggs
Category: Chicken
Vendor: Marble Family Farms
Fresh brown eggs from happy hens! One dozen large brown eggs.

Vendor: Martin Woods Farm
Farm fresh colorful eggs: Mostly varied brown eggs with occasional white or blueish green one.
Menu Group: Food
Section: Meat
Category: Pork
Vendor: Sillanpaa Family Farm
Breakfast Sausage Links! (pictured) Our sausage made into links, 6 per pkg. A family favorite!!

'Fresh' Ham Hocks, not smoked, great for soups, braising and aspic.
Menu Group: Food
Section: Prepared Foods
Category: Pesto
Vendor: Whitehill Farm
Garlic Scape Puree, made with our own Certified Organic garlic scapes and olive oil. Use to start many recipes. It's also great mixed with butter for garlic bread! Can be divided into smaller containers and refrozen. Must be refrigerated.

PURPLE Basil Pesto, made with our Organic basil (pictured) and garlic, and olive oil. An Italian delicacy made with our own basil and garlic, olive oil, and walnuts. Beautiful, fresh, and tasty! Ready to use as is or with added Parmesan cheese. Needs to be refrigerated.
3 Bean Salad
Menu Group: Food
Section: Preserved Foods
Category: Pickles
Vendor: Whitehill Farm
Sweet and tart traditional pickle: onions, celery, sweet peppers, green, yellow and kidney beans. Great for Thanksgiving.
Almost famous, Pickled Beets!
Menu Group: Food
Section: Preserved Foods
Category: Vegetables
Vendor: Martin Woods Farm
Widely acclaimed from Wilton to Bangor and Farmington and Skowhegan in between... my pickled beets are well liked and well known. Last jar
Spicy, fresh, arugula!
Menu Group: Food
Section: Vegetables
Category: Arugula
Vendor: Rustic Roots Farm
Menu Group: Food
Section: Vegetables
Category: Greens
Vendor: Rustic Roots Farm
Baby Kale

Tatsoi - A crunchy, spinach-like Asian green, great for stir fries
Delicious tender Sunflower Sprouts!
Menu Group: Food
Section: Vegetables
Category: Sprouts & Shoots
Vendor: Whitehill Farm
Our own seeds ...Certified Organic. These are tender, chewy, nutty flavored and nutritious. The squirrels didn't eat the seed heads last fall so we are enjoying the bounty now!
Hand Sanitizer
Menu Group: Personal Care
Section: Hand and Body
Category: Creams and Lotions
Vendor: LoveGrown
Natural Balsam Fir Needle scented Liquid Hand Sanitizer
WHO-approved formulation (World Health Organization), FDA-compliant/registered
Contains: USDA organic ethanol (Maine-sourced), glycerine, distilled filtered water, hydrogen peroxide, balsam fir needle oil.
*For every bottle purchased through this market, another bottle has been donated at cost to a local citizen in need of supplies and/or a local retail partner. Thank-you!
Keep away from children.
For external use only.
Shake well.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Directions for use: squeeze out about a palmful and rub across all surfaces of hands, paying special attention to fingernails.
Botanical Hemp Oil
Menu Group: Personal Care
Section: Medicinal and Herbal
Category: Hemp
Vendor: LoveGrown
LoveGrown Botanical Hemp Oil (1200mg full-spectrum organic hemp flower extract per 30ml) Full-spectrum, CBD-rich, 100% MOFGA/USDA-certified organic ingredients!
* Maine-grown, Maine-made supplement
* Contains 100% certified clean hemp flowers, by the Maine Organic
Farmer and Gardener's Association (MOFGA)
* Full-spectrum, CBD-rich, pure, organic grain ethanol-extracted
flower resin oil
* 100% MOFGA-certified hemp flower is the active ingredient
* Made with just two USDA-certified organic and gluten-free plant
lipid carriers plus our active hemp flower extract ingredient
We use science-based formulation techniques to enhance the bioavailability of our potent, CBD-rich botanical hemp oil. We've worked with medical cannabis clients since 2012 using high-CBD, CBG and CBC varietals to craft our organic products. This oil is the result of years worth of input and dosing advice from world-renowned cannabis scientists and doctors - and is infused with knowledge, intention, care and love from crop to drop!

Our Botanical Hemp Oil is uniquely-potent, truly full-spectrum, highly-bioavailable, phytocannabinoid-rich, and crafted by experienced, knowledgeable herbalists with education and training in science and medicine.
Menu Group: Plants and Seeds
Section: Vegetable Starts
Vendor: Martin Woods Farm
Get a start on Arugula and/or Kale!