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CORRECTION, Local Food Lovers!
Rangeley Market Opening the NINTH of June
Opening day for the Rangeley Area Farmers' Market is a week from next Tuesday - the 9th of June.
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Zucchini Relish
Menu Group: Food
Section: Preserved Foods
Category: Relish
Vendor: Whitehill Farm
award winning recipe. Sweet, tart, spicy, and delicious.
Family recipe, published in the Old Farmers Almanac Blue Ribbon Recipe Cookbook!
Chive infused White Wine Vinegar
Menu Group: Food
Section: Vinegars and Oils
Category: Vinegar
Vendor: Whitehill Farm
Perfect for salad dressings and marinades! Chives Certified Organic by MOFGA.
Lilac Bouquet
Menu Group: Home and Garden
Section: Cut Flowers
Category: Mixed Farm Bouquet
Vendor: Rasmussen Farm
Lilacs! 3 colors, heavenly scent.
Can mix win a bit of Iris and/or Narcissus on request
Menu Group: Plants and Seeds
Section: Vegetable Starts
Vendor: Avon Fields
Cabbage, 6 pack of robust green cabbage starts, ready for planting in your garden. UPDATE, actual plants are much larger than pictured...begging to be planted. DISCOUNTED Storage #4 - Organic - Johnny's Selected Seeds

Cucumber, Corinto slicing. Early, productive, 7-8" fruit. (Johnny's Seeds)

Hot Peppers, 1 ea, 6" pot
Red Ember Cayenne Pepper: Our most versatile and flavorful cayenne. Tremendous flavor on first bite, with warm heat that lingers. (Johnny's Seeds) Organic,
Jedi Jalapeno Pepper, Hybrid: High yielding jalapeño pepper, prolific. (Johnny's Seed)

Organic Rosemary, 3-4" plant, 6" pot
Organic Sage plant, 4-6" tall, 6" pot

Tomatoes - 1 ea, 11" pot
Brandywine Heirloom: Great tasting slicing tomato. Rich, spicy flavor. (Johnny's Seed)
Moskvich, Organic, Deep red, rich tasting slicing tomato. Early. (Johnny's Seeds)
Opalka: Large, sweet, meaty, rich paste tomato. (Johnny's Seeds)
Sun Gold Cherry, Hybrid: Best tasting cherry, bright fruity and sweet. Long season producer. (Johnny's Seed)