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"We learn from our gardens to deal with the most urgent question of the time:How much is enough?"

Wendell Berry

Fresh Veggies!

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Market Hours

For Wednesday delivery:
Order by 12:00 PM on Monday.
Bagels/Bread must be ordered in advance by Friday at 3:00 PM.

For Friday delivery:
Order by 10:00 AM on Wednesday.
Bagels/Bread must be ordered by Tuesday at 8:00 AM.

For More Information

Alex McCullough, Food Hub Manager

Email: [email protected]

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Echo Farm, Hinsdale, NH

Buying Local Made Easy

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Bringing our Cheshire County Farmers fresh products to your local kitchen. Monadnock Menus aggregates and distributes locally produced food - creating a simpler way for buyers to purchase local.

Fresh, wholesome, local food is just a few clicks away! We deliver direct to your school, business, institution or restaurant.

Check out the products in the market and meet the people who grow and make them. You can purchase a variety of products from multiple farmers at one time, simplifying the ordering and billing process.

The market is easy to use and keeps dollars in our community. By supporting our local farms, you help increase their viability and keep farm land in our region.

We deliver on Wednesdays and Fridays. If you would like to know more about becoming a buyer or producer for Monadnock Menus please contact Alex by phone or email.

Do you know of a business, school, institution or camp in our county where you'd like to see local food? Give us a Call!

Our Mission
The Monadnock Menus Market is a developing program launched by the Cheshire County Conservation District . Its purpose is to provide schools and other institutions throughout Cheshire County with easy access to foods grown and made in the Monadnock region.
Support for Monadnock Menus in 2015-17 is provided through the Cheshire Medical Center’s Partners In Community Health agreement from the Center for Disease Control and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. Funding for Monadnock Menus in 2014 was made possible in part with a Rural Business Enterprise Grant from USDA Rural Development.

Our partners include Windham Farm & Food, Food Connects, Harlow Farm, and Stonewall Farm. A non-profit service, Monadnock Menus facilitates direct farm to institution sales, supporting and encouraging local farmers and the local food movement.


The following organizations support the community, the environment, and healthy choices by sponsoring the Monadnock Menus.

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

Support for 2015-17 is provided in part by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

Partners in Community Health (PICH) Grant

Support for 2015-17 is provided in part through the Cheshire Medical Center’s Partners In Community Health agreement from the Center for Disease Control

Cheshire County Conservation District