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"We learn from our gardens to deal with the most urgent question of the time:How much is enough?"

Wendell Berry

Let the  Winter Markets Begin!

The Winter Markets have Begun!

Snow and cold have come early this year! That means it is time to make stew, soup and heat up the kitchen with the great smells of roasting chicken or a beef/pork roast!

The new laying chicks are growing rapidly and will provide us with an abundance of eggs by the middle of May! They are very active in their brooder in our basement and are very inquisitive!

Winter is a good time to visit, but remember to dress warmly and call before you come!

Webster Ridge Farm is an open farm - with us, you may see everything we do and expect straightforward answers to your questions.

Market Hours

Most any time at the farm - call ahead to make sure we are here!

For More Information

648 2595
[email protected]
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Today Is Sunday, September 22, 2019

Check out our Meat CSA

Come Visit Us at the Markets!

Check out our Meat CSA: You can start at any time and each cycle is 3 months. The CSA has 3 levels, small,medium and large ranging in price from $95-$155 per month. For more information go to the link above!

For those who aren't ready to commit to a 3 month CSA we have 1 month Meat CSA sample packs available, come join us and enjoy locally grown Meat!

At the Contoocook market we are working with Blakeney's (the bread people) to sample some of our products at their table and we have their rolls to sample at our table!
Come and try all the Marmalades and our newest product: Hot and Sweet Barbecue sauce!

On Monday we are at Concord Family Medicine (Rt. 93, x16)Foundry Street , Tuesday at Horseshoe Pond or Saturday at Contoocook, Call or email us if we need to hold something for you - otherwise we might be out!

We encourage all our customers to recycle OUR canning jars (I only put labels on the bottom and on the lid). If you don't use them, don't throw them in the glass recycling at the dump
(unless they are damaged). Instead receive a credit of.50 toward the purchase of more canned goodies!

The jars we use include:
Ball/Golden Harvest 8,12,16 oz
The Ball elite 16 oz
Mainstays 8oz (look like square mason jars)

Our farm freezers are full and we have what you are looking for!

Whether you are interested in beef or pork we want to help you get what you want to eat! We will have chicken back in stock by the middle of June & lamb in late summer/early fall.

Retail and Bulk quantities available.

We know our cuts and can help you cook anything. We can help you get the cuts you want and a few gems you may not know about.

Ask if you don't see what you want!