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"We learn from our gardens to deal with the most urgent question of the time:How much is enough?"

Wendell Berry

Spring is trying too spring forth!

Spring is here and so is Covid 19. This leaves all of us in a bit of bind. No Farmers Markets to attend, but I am very willing to arrange pick up here at the farm or at the Gazebo in Contoocook behind the train station.

Contact me via the land line:603 648 2595, but you need to leave a message as I screen my phone calls or you can email me : [email protected]

Webster Ridge Farm is an open farm - with us, you may see everything we do and expect straightforward answers to your questions.

Farm Hours

Sun-Friday 10 am- 6 pm
Saturday 1 pm -6 pm

For More Information

603 648 2595
[email protected]
https://www.websterridgelocallygrown.com/ [Farm Website]

Stay safe...stay well!

Come Pick up at the farm ! Payment can be made by cash or check.
I am working on starting a square account ,so on or off farm you can use
a credit card.

The shelves are filled with GOOD THINGS IN JARS and are ready for you to enjoy!

I haven't been canning as I don't have any room on my shelves. So that means I need everyone to contact me to get your favorite jams,pickles or pizza passata. All our customers are encouraged to recycle OUR canning jars (I only put labels on the bottom and on the lid). If you don't use them, don't throw them in the glass recycling at the dump (unless they are damaged). Instead receive a credit of.50 toward the purchase of more canned goodies!

The farm freezers have a limited amount of Beef and Pork cuts-Call or email to inquire

I hope to have lamb in the early fall.