Danbury Winter Market

Danbury Winter Market Newsletter

This Saturday Feb 17th is our 3rd Saturday Pickup Market . You have until Thursday at noon to order from participating vendors for pickup between 9am and noon.
If you come to pickup up your order between 10 and noon, you'll have the opportunity to attend our our Thrifty Yankee Ragbag...What is a Ragbag you might ask? That is what we are calling our demonstrations of do it yourself ideas like how to grow sprouts, make laundry soap or toothpaste, dryer balls or make your own compost. Bring your knives and tools to be sharpened by Mike Braley on his grindstone. The wheel is powered by his daughter Lisa who is our newest grange member. We'll also have refreshments made from a baking mix and the baking mix recipe . Samples from the event can go in your free Danbury Winter Farmers Market
Tote--available to our rag bag attendees. It's fun, informal and a chance to learn new things.
Our pickup market can be used to order items from all our participating vendors using our harvesttomarket.com page or call non listed vendors to see if they will drop something off for you. Please remember that ordering ahead is the only way to purchase items on the 3rd Saturday as vendors do not bring items for sale for drop in customers.
Market Location
Grange Hall, 15 North Road, Danbury NH
a stone's throw from the intersections of routes 4 & 104.