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Danbury Winter Market Newsletter

Hello Neighbor! This is our first 2018-2019 Winter Market Newsletter.. Our first market begins Saturday November 3rd Our hall is full for our first market which runs from 9-1pm. For November only we will be adding a market on the third Saturday to be followed by one on the first Saturday of December thru April.
New this year, will be our alliance with Local Foods Plymouth for Danbury to be a pickup point on the third Thursday of every month December thru April.
You will be able to order online at localfoodsplymouth.org, pay using paypal and have your order available for pickup at the grange hall from 5 to 7pm. For the drop off, you may also order at harvesttomarket.com or directly from any vendor that is willing to deliver to the hall. There are a lot of options for locally grown products available for you both at the markets and at the 3rd Thursday pickup.

Harvest to Market can also be used to order items for the regular markets. Its an excellent way to make sure you have the items you want waiting for you upon your arrival.
For this market, participating vendors using harvest to market are Warner River Produce, Huntoon Farm and Huckins Farm.
Market Location
Grange Hall, 15 North Road, Danbury NH
a stone's throw from the intersections of routes 4 & 104.