Danbury Winter Market

Danbury Winter Market Newsletter

Extended Time and New Location
Huntoon Farm, 46 Huntoon Road, Danbury NH
10 am to noon
Your Danbury Winter Market Vendors have chosen to gather together to offer one more pickup. Because the grange market is closed, the pickup will be operated through Huntoon Farm's online market.
How do I place an order.?

If you aren't registered as a user for Huntoon Farm...you must do so...directions follow-

Login in with your user name and password. In that upper right hand corner, it will say Welcome " John Doe"--that is --if you are logged in and if your name is John Doe.. Click on My Account and scroll down to find "Markets I have joined". In that section, click on join another market which takes you to all the markets you could join....Search NH for Huntoon Farm Market.. Click save changes. The Huntoon Farm market should now be an option under my markets. Ordering and submitting is done as you have done with the other market. You will receive a confirmation email if you have submitted an order correctly.
Payment will be upon pickup.
With the Grange Market over, the Grange is no longer covering the expense of the online market.
To aid the vendors in defraying these costs, a buyers fee has been added to your order total to help cover a portion of the total fees.
As this is not an official farmers market, veteran's bucks will not be available. SNAP/EBT will be accepted for eligible items.
Our Sister Summer Market on the Wilmot Town Green is scheduled to open on Saturday June 26th. The market runs every Saturday from 9 to noon through September. Many of the Danbury Market vendors can be found at the Wilmot Market. Pre Orders for the Wilmot Market are being discussed and may include vendors that will not be at the market due to Covid 19 but still wish to make their products available. Keep in touch for updates.
Thank you for your continued support of our local food system.