Danbury Winter Market

Danbury Winter Market Newsletter

Happy Fall!
It's Danbury Winter Market Time, 9am to 1pm on November 7th and every 1st Saturday thru April. Preorders and Pickup available through this online ordering platform
Veterans get $20 to shop, the Market Takes SNAP/EBT with Granite State market match up to $20. Lunch and Breakfast Served .
If you wish to not shop the market, you can order online. If you wish to not wear a mask, you can order online and pickup at the door. If you wish to make sure your vendors have the items you want when you get there.... you can order online,..
The online portion runs for 2 weeks prior to the market until the Thursday morning at 7am before the market. Orders will be available for pickup at the entrance of the grange hall. Payment will be made at pickup, The grange accepts any of the before mentioned programs, cash or check made out to Blazing Star Grange #71.
Market Location
Blazing Star Grange Hall
15 North Rd, Danbury NH
Covid Guidelines for the Market
Refrain from congregating in shopping areas.
Stay home if you are sick.
Reusable bags allowed—you bag products.
No Sampling Allowed
Use hand sanitizer
One Way Traffic
Enter on Main Floor * Exit Downstairs *Allowances made for those that can't do stairs
Huckins Farm Products Available only thru Preorder
Huckins Farm will not be physically at the market