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Greetings Local Food Lovers!
We are so pleased to have you, our customers with us through all the changes we seem to be continuously making here at Eat Local Eastport. As our little Buying Club has grown it has required an ever patient customer. From home deliveries, to Arts Center pick-ups, to out of my kitchen on Brighton Ave, down to the basement of The Liberty, and to our beautiful current home at The Commons we've had some of you with us for every step of the way.

And you've been ever faithful and understanding as we have overstock of some items, not enough of others, blemishes, and SUCH EXQUISITE FOOD! We are so lucky. I remind myself over and over again, that we are lucky enough to eat so well where in Washington County.

So we invite you to order this week with no processing fee. As we give back to you! We will have extra special treats for tasting at pick-up so it's sure not to be missed! See you then, and enjoy ALL that is offered here at Eat Local Eastport!


Pasture Raised,Certified organic
Broad Breasted Whites and Bronzes

Small: 10-13 lbs
Medium: 14-17 lbs
Large: 18-22 lbs
X-tra Large: 23 lbs plus

$5.50 per lb plus ELE 10% processing fee.
(I have a guarantee this year from Carly that our Turkeys will be in stock!)

Anne S Hopkins, Devon Kelley-Yurdin & Leanne Blankman
Eat Local Eastport Buying Club Coordinators
There is a $5.00 late pick-up fee; late pick-ups may be arranged with Devon Kelley-Yurdin, please call (802)-310-5454.
All other inquiries can be made to Anne Hopkins, (207)-853-2869

Eat Local Eastport Buying Club presents The Eastport Community with opportunities to purchase Maine produced food and goods. We have a special interest in providing access to products from Washington County which are grown with sustainable processes. We have a second purpose to increase accessibility, enthusiasm and enjoyment of our local food system.

Payment is due upon pick-up, a 10% operating fee will be added to Washington County Producer Purchases and a 15% operating fee will be added to COMOC Purchases. THERE WILL BE NO OPERATING FEE THIS WEEK ONLY! ELE accepts cash and checks; checks can be made payable to Eat Local Eastport.
Feature Vendor
Gardenside Dairy @ Hatch Knoll Farm
Garden Side Dairy is a goat dairy operated by Kim Roos for ten years! Its our anniversary! Since our early years we have grown from 4 goats on a small piece of Jonesboro property to somewhere around 40 goats on Hatch Knoll Farm, a historic Jonesboro Farm. All of the members of the Roos family play a huge role in the dairy as well as Hatch Knoll Farm's existing berry fields and so much more. Many things change with growth however some things remain familiar and constant like our commitment to good local quality food! We milk our herd 2 times a day, our work day starts at 6am, we go from collecting the days fresh milk directly into the cheese kitchen where we process it into our many cheeses! This time of year we are feeding 35 goats the milk from there Mama's because that is what will make those babies grow into future milkers! "Kidding" season is always stressful and filled with tears, laughter, triumphs and failures-often all in one day! My biggest happiness is meeting a "new" girl on the milk stand and knowing her mom so intimately as a long time milker and friend. This year I have said good bye to a long term milker Silkie who passed away after our first ever emergency c section but I have begun milking her grandaughter Sweetie Pie and met more of her grandaughters as they breathe their first breath filled with cool barn air! This year I am also still milking my oldest goat and best friend April who is 10 this month, she kidded beautifully! Her half sisiter May-10 next month-decided to skip kidding season this year and retire early! These two will remain our herd matriarchs until they decide to leave it to the younger generations! Much like me in a way-here enjoying farming for a long while to come then maybe the younger generation might be able to take over! We love what we do and take pride in our business and our integrity and hope you taste that in our food! Enjoy!!
Kim & Don Roos

Jonesboro, ME
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